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About ArcheAge Online

ArcheAge is an MMORPG which was developed by the Korean company XL Games. The first release of the game was on January 2013 in Korea and on September 2014 in EU and NA. However, ArcheAge is known as the Sandpark MMORPG. Generally the developers claim is a mix of the open content of a sandbox game and the more structured game experience of a theme park game. With ArcheAge Gold you can buy better equipment for your character.

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PvP System at ArcheAge Online

Thanks to the many game zones in ArcheAge Online, open world PvP battles can be fought regularly. You can buy better weapons with ArcheAge Gold. Players can freely attack enemy players at any time. There are some in-game events that promote open world PvP. These include the Halcyona War and the Abyssal Attack events.

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Classes and races

In ArcheAge Online there are two factions that are constantly at war and are divided on two different continents. In the further course of the game, you are able to join the pirate faction. You can also create your own nation of players. You can choose the playable races depending on the faction:

Nuia: Nuian, elves and dwarves.

Haranya: Firran, Warborn and Harani.

The special thing about ArcheAge Online is that the selection of classes is completely free and independent of the people or faction selection. At the beginning of the game, you can choose a talent tree and get two more depending on the character level. From level 15, your character has three talent trees to choose from, which you can choose from over 11 class sets. You can choose from over 130 class options at any time. They can be modified at any time in a completely unique way in the ArcheAge world. Thus, you do not necessarily have to choose a variant. With ArcheAge Gold you can buy any skills for your character.

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Additional Information

The choices of one person can shape the destiny of many, and the actions of a few can reshape the world. Such is the premise of ArcheAge Online, one of the most dynamic, player-driven MMORPGs ever made. Whether players aspire to own a small house and farm or to rule a nation. ArcheAge Online offers a chance to explore alternative lives in a world. This world is filled with danger, treachery, mystery, and an unending lust for power and control. Join fellow gamers in epic battles, political intrigue, or merely building a small community on the outskirts of the chaos. Also there is a Auction House where you can buy any gear or gems with ArcheAge Gold.

Bringing a depth of gameplay options that genuinely underlines the spirit of the RPG genre, ArcheAge Online is, like the real world, divided by class structure, hierarchy, and access to power. Gamers that want to advance will have to work together. Those who go it alone will find the experience severe, if not impossible, unless they’re willing to use some real-world intervention.

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Thankfully, the gameplay mechanics underpinning it all are compelling and addictive. Whether you choose the life of an adventurer or something more mundane. The interaction is flawless immersive, and the way the world is structured makes you want to live in it. Bringing together the best of an RPG with a life simulator. ArcheAge Online gives gamers a different glimpse into the realm that other games in this milieu began to reveal to us.

Craft your way to a fortune. Claim your land and build a farm or conquer those weaker than you and take what’s they have. Set sail on the high seas, searching for glory in the form of treasure. Or rivals to sink to the bottom of the ocean. If you reach high enough and become powerful enough, you could even rule a nation from the throne in one of six Auroran Castles.

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