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Buy Diablo Immortal Dungeon Boost for Android, iOS & PC

Are you currently playing Diablo Immortal and looking for a boost for the dungeons? Then CoinLooting is the right place for you. We offer you our Service for all Diablo Immortal dungeons on all difficulty levels. No challenge is too big for us.

We offer you the possibility of a Boost’s for the following Diablo Immortal dungeons.

  • Cavern of Echos
  • Destruction’s End
  • Forgotten Tower
  • Kikuras Rapids
  • Legacy of the Horadrim
  • Mad King’s Breach
  • Pit of Anguish
  • Temple of Namari
  • Tomb of Fahir

Why should you choose CoinLooting Boosting?

  • We offer you a safe and also fast boosting procedure.
  • For this purpose, we can usually start the boost only a few minutes after your order.
  • In addition, only experienced boosters and also those we know will do the job for you.
  • All boosters are checked and also selected by us beforehand.
  • We will not use any software and will only play ourselves.
  • Therefore, your account is safe at all times.
  • For questions or suggestions, we are available for you around the clock via our live chat.

Why should I buy a Dungeon Boost for Diablo Immortal?

In Diablo Immortal, there are different difficulty levels for the various dungeons. Thus, a distinction is made between the levels Normal, Hell I – IV. The difficulty level Hell is unlocked from level 45. With increasing difficulty, better loot awaits you there. However, it also becomes significantly more difficult at the higher difficulty levels. Since it is already too difficult for most players from Hell I or II, we offer you the possibility of a boost for these Diablo Immortal dungeons. Our experienced boosters will do this dungeon for you. This way you can get the gear you want without much effort.

For more information, we are available for you in live chat.

How to order

You want to buy a Dungeon Boost for Diablo Immortal? But you wonder how the process looks like? We will show you in three simple steps how to get your boost.

  Step 1

First, you’ll choose the dungeon that suits you, as well as the desired difficulty level. After that you can choose all other fields like region, server and class.

  Step 2

After you place your order, we will take care of your order immediately. Usually, we can start the Dungeon Boost in Diablo Immortal within a few minutes after you book it. You can always ask us via live chat or email about the exact time frame. Besides, we offer only the boosting method Account-Share. This is the only way we can guarantee the success of the boosting.

  Step 3

After we complete the boost, we will notify you via email. Please do not log in to your account during the boost.



How many times can I enter the dungeon in Diablo Immortal?
There is no limit. So you can play the dungeons in Diablo Immortal as often as you want, or buy multiple boosts.
At what level do I unlock the Hell difficulty level for the dungeons in Diablo Immortal?
The difficulty level Hell is unlocked in Diablo Immortal when you reach level 45. Then, when you enter the dungeons, you will see a level selection. From then on, you can also change the level.

At what level can I enter the different dungeons?
You’ll unlock the different dungeons when you reach a certain level.

  • Mad King’s Breach at Level 10
  • Forgotten Tower at Level 20
  • Tomb of Fahir at Level 28
  • Destruction’s End at Level 35
  • Kikuras Rapids at Level 40
  • Temple of Namari at Level 40
  • Cavern of Echoes at Level 50
  • Pit of Anguish at Level 55