Frequently Asked Questions

Rocket League is one of the most popular e-sports games for console and PC. On average, 30,000 players were online simultaneously on Steam in 2021. The situation is similar on consoles. New seasons with new vehicles and items mean that the game is always appealing.

Each race can choose between the "Fighter" and the "Mystic" class. The Fighter is the typical melee class with heavy armor. You can also take more damage. The Mystic class, on the other hand, uses spells to defeat their opponents. However, you are more vulnerable to damage than the Fighter. Each race has its own abilities.

In Lost Ark there are six different professions that you can learn.

  • The gatherer, collects various herbs to make powerful potions from them.
  • As a miner you collect ores to make ingots from them. You can then use them to forge various armor and weapons.
  • You can also learn fishing.
  • As a lumberjack, you can cut down big trees.
  • Likewise, you can also hunt animals and prepare the meat and furs.
  • Archaeology also exists in Lost Ark. In it you'll discover rare artifacts.

Which professions you choose is up to you. All of them are helpful and useful later in the game.

With WoW TBC also comes the new PvP system, the Arena. You can play 2 versus 2 or 3 versus 3. Compared to the PvE content with Raids and Dungeons, Arena combat will match players against other players in WoW TBC. In the process, you can get different arena ratings. At level 70, players can sign up for the arena fights.

Challenger - at 1296 Rating
Rival - at 1628 Rating
Duelist - at 2002 Rating
Gladiator - at 2660 Rating
Infernal Gladiator - 2886 Rating

From the Gladiator rating, you get a special Gladiator mount in WoW TBC. Therefore, this rank is very popular among players. In addition, depending on the rating, you can unlock better PvP gear in WoW TBC. So if you especially like to play PvP, you'll get your money's worth in Classic TBC.

You get the mount after you have completed the Keystone Master achievement. You can get this achievement if you have a Mythic+ score of at least 2000. It doesn't matter what stage you are in.

Yes, this is also possible. We offer gold not only for the WoW Classic servers, but also for the whole new WoW Classic Season of Mastery (SoF) to buy. Is your server not listed? Just send us a short message via Live Chat with your server name. We will then promptly add it. This way you can buy your gold on your WoW Classic Season of Mastery server.

There is always a certain chance of getting banned. However, the chance is very small, because we pay attention to how the gold is farmed. However, if it should come to a ban, then your account will remain banned for a maximum of three days. According to the ToS of Blizzard, there are penalties of up to three days. Whether you want to take this small risk is up to you. For your information, our ban rate is less than 1%. Therefore, we can also claim that our customers can feel safe. So if you want to buy WoW Classic Gold, you must always be aware of the low risk.

Yes you can. You need at least the amount of silver that you can buy 3000 gold with. The exchange rate is different from day to day. So it is also possible to get the gold and premium without spending real money.

Since many servers are currently struggling with very long queues, it's possible to change servers in New World for free. Because of the long queues up to over 12 hours, this is a reasonable solution from the New World developers. It is not yet known if this feature will continue to be available over time or if it will also be available for a little fee. So if you still want to change your server, you should do it now.

Blizzard tolerates the purchase of Mythic Boosts through gold. Therefore it's almost impossible for Blizzard to tell whether the boost was purchased with gold or real money. This is why we consider the risk of being banned for buying Mythic Boosts to be extremely low. After more than 1000 Mythic orders, we have never banned a customer in this regard.