Albion Online Silver FAQ

We farm our silver ourselves without the use of any software. Therefore, we offer the safest silver you can buy. After over 200 Albion Online Silver orders, we have never had an incident where a customer was banned. For this reason, we consider the risk to be extremely low. However, the final decision is yours.

This is very easy here on CoinLooting. In just a few minutes you can buy the silver in Albion Online. After we receive your order we will meet you in the game. Please make sure that you are online. Then we will give you the Silver directly in the game via Face to Face. This way you don't have to wait unnecessarily long for the sliver.

Yes you can. You need at least the amount of silver that you can buy 3000 gold with. The exchange rate is different from day to day. So it is also possible to get the gold and premium without spending real money.