EFT Roubles FAQ

You can buy various items from the merchants with the roubles in Escape from Tarkov. For example, you can buy some weapons, attachments or other useful items like MediKits. You don't have to work hard to acquire these items in raids. There is still the risk that you lose all your items. On the other hand, the merchants are a good alternative to get weapons. You can also spend your Roubles on rare weapons or other items at the Flea Market.

We always do our best and try to deliver the rubles as soon as possible. You are welcome to contact us directly via live chat after placing your order and ask about the current status of your order. Usually, we need about one hour for this. However, it may take a little longer.

There is always a chance, no matter who promises you something else. However, we have gained a lot of experience in the area of in-game currency over the years. For this reason, we always test our delivery methods extensively beforehand and only then release them. Moreover, our colleagues do not use any software to earn Roubles in EFT. Thus, the chance is extremely small.