Yes, EVE Online is completely free to play. There are no additional costs for you. You can play the game on Steam, EPIC Games and now in the browser. So if you want to take a look at EVE Online, now is the perfect time.

Yes, this is also reflected in the current player numbers. Currently, about 170,000 people play EVE Online. Thus, the number of players is higher than ever before in the game. But the developers are also responsible for this. They are in constant exchange with the community and are always implanting new things into the game.

It's completely different from any other MMO on the market. In EVE Online you enter a whole universe with numerous planets and a very strong playerbase. There is also a very unique economy in the game that is really controlled by the players. So if you like sci-fi action and fighting in huge battles, you should definitely give EVE Online a chance.