Albion Online FAQ

The answer is clearly no! Albion Online is not pay to win. Everything you can buy with Gold (real money), you can also buy with Silver. No matter if it is the premium rank or other different bonuses. So everything in Albion Online can be earned without spending a single cent.

Although the game is a bit older, it is constantly being improved. The developers always release new fantastic expansions that include new dungeons, weapons or armor. Besides, Albion Online has a huge community that is very active. Likewise, you can take a look at the game for free. Since 2019, Albion Online is also finally free to play for everyone.

Silver and gold are both currency in Albion Online. Silver, on the other hand, can only be earned by completing quests or monsters. You can also use it to buy items from the auction house or to buy furniture for your house. The Gold, however, can only be earned with real money. With it, you can buy a premium membership, which will bring you more advantages.