Bless Unleashed FAQ

No, unfortunately this is not possible. You can only play Bless Unleashed with the same players on the same console or PC. This means that Bless Unleashed is not cross platform capable. The consoles like PS4 or Xbox One each have their own servers. Just like the PC version on Steam.

Yes Bless Unleashed is still played very often. The highest number of simultaneous online players is currently around 35,000. This puts the MMO right behind other games like FFXIV or Lost Ark. On Steam, it is ranked 4th among MMORPGs.

Yes Bless Unleashed is completely free to play, both for PC and console (Xbox and Playstation). The game is financed through the in-game store. There you can buy cosmetic content for the game. Thus, it is also not pay to win, as no advantage can be gained through this cosmetic content.