Lost Ark FAQ

The maximum level in Lost Ark is currently limited to level 60. However, this can be adjusted in the upcoming expansions. Leveling up from level 1 to the maximum level 60 takes about 24 hours. A level boost is also available for Lost Ark. So you can enjoy the end content without the annoying leveling. From level 60 your character gets access to many raids, dungeons and PvP battles.

In Lost Ark you can collect nine different currencies. All of them have their own use.

  • Silver
    You can get the silver in Lost Ark by completing quests or monsters. With it you can repair your Armor or buy new ones from the merchant. You can also exchange the silver for crafting materials. Thus, the silver is very important.
  • Gold
    The gold is often used for trading in Lost Ark. It can be used to buy rare equipment and weapons in the auction house. The gold can also be farmed only through dungeons and raids.
  • Resurrection Feathers
    The Resurrection Feather is a very important item in Lost Ark. With it, you can resurrect your character on the spot after a death. This will save you a lot of time and you can easily continue in the game.
  • Peons
    Just like gold, peons can also be spent in the auction house. However, the peons can only be purchased with real money in the Lost Ark Shop. They cannot be earned in the game.
  • Blue Crystals
    Blue Crystals are the currency for the in-game store in Lost Ark. They allow you to unlock cosmetic content for your character, such as mounts or pets. You can get these crystals through events and quests or buy them with real money.
  • Rift Shards
    With the Rift Shards you can get map boxes in Lost Ark.
  • Pirate and Voyage Coins
    You can get these coins from pirates. You can only exchange them with pirates for various useful items such as crafting materials.
  • Shards
    These are shards that are bound to your character. You can use them to upgrade various items.
  • Courage-Tokens
    These are the PvP rewards. These coins can be exchanged for mounts or even titles.

There are other not so important currencies in Lost Ark that we have not listed.

Lost Ark is completely free to play. Thus, there are no additional costs for you if you want to play the game. However, you can buy different currency or cosmetic items for Lost Ark in the ingame store. In addition, the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages will be available for Lost Ark at release. These contain e.g. different mounts, pets, a pre-access and much more. You can buy these packages directly at Amazon.