As in many other MMOs, the fastest way to get credits is by farming. There are many different ways to do this. For example, you can complete flashpoints or operations. There you will be rewarded with credits. Unfortunately, this is quite time-consuming and requires a lot of time. Therefore, we at CoinLooting offer you the possibility to buy credits. This without the annoying farming. The credits cannot be bought via the ingame store. So, you have only these two possibilities.

Yes, Star Wars TOR is free. So, you can play until level 60 and all published expansions until then. However, to play the current content, you need an active subscription. Monthly subscription costs 12,99€. It gives you access to all playable races and classes. You can also buy cosmetic items in the store. So, you can't get credits in SWTOR via the ingame store.

The game SWTOR is constantly being developed. Meanwhile, you as a player can also play the free version of the MMO. So, you can also make yourself a picture of it. The game Star Wars has also received a major graphics update. This makes it look much nicer right away. It is especially good for solo players who want to experience a fantastically told story. Whether you just like farming credits in SWTOR or love the story. There is something for everyone.