Metin2 FAQ

There are exactly five different classes in Metin2. All of them have special strengths and unique abilities.

  • The warrior is constantly in close combat. He fights with heavy armor and is armed to the teeth. Whether with a two-handed sword or a shield, the warrior always does enormous damage.
  • The ninja is a mobile and light-footed killer. He is a master of stealth and can perform many quick attacks.
  • The shamans are the masters of magic. They can cast powerful spells that do enormous damage to the opponent. Unfortunately, they cannot wear heavy armor and are therefore very vulnerable.
  • The Sura possess both magical abilities and strong melee attacks. Thus, they are very balanced and therefore very strong. Their spells also enhance their attacks.
  • The Lycans are wolf creatures that were humans at the time. They are excellent melee fighters and also very agile.

So there are many different classes that are all completely different. But you have to find out for yourself which is the right class for you.

The game Metin2 is still under constant development. New servers are released every few months. So it is never boring for the players. The numbers also speak for themselves. Currently Metin2 has a player base of 6.4 million active players. Metin2 is one of the most popular MMOs. Thus, it is still worthwhile to take a look at Metin2.

Ja, Metin2 ist komplett kostenlos. Du benötigst also nicht wie bei anderen Spielen, ein aktives Abonnement, um am Spiel teilzunehmen. Das Spiel finanziert sich durch den Ingame-Shop (Item-Shop). Dort kannst du gegen Drachenmünzen (DR) oder auch gegen Drachenmarken (DM) mächtige Items erwerben. Diese können dir einen enormen Vorteil verschaffen. Somit handelt es sich also offensichtlich bei Metin2 um ein "Pay to Win" Spiel. Wer also im Late-Game weiterkommen möchte, muss früher oder später Geld ausgeben.