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New World Coin FAQ

The Gold Coins are get farmed exclusively by hand without using bots, cheats or other software. This is also the reason why buying gold from us is safer than from other websites.

The Gold Coins are very important in New World. Among other things, you can invest them in your professions to become stronger and stronger. You can also use the coins to buy better and stronger weapons and equipment, which are especially important to prepare you for the high-level dungeons and raids. So there are numerous useful ways in which you can invest your gold coins.

We have already completed many hundreds of orders. There has also never been a customer banned for buying New World Gold Coins. However, we can't give you a 100% guarantee, but we estimate the risk very low. You don't have to be worry because we always make sure that we use the safest delivery methods to send the gold coins. The decision is entirely up to the customer, to take the los risk.

We offer Gold Coins on all servers. That means, all EU, US East, US West, SA or even AP are available. To check the available servers, simply choose the appropriate selection under Region and then the server. If a server is not listed, you can simply contact us via live chat. Usually we can deliver the coins on all servers and all regions.

We currently offer the choice between the following two delivery methods

  • Ingame Transfer (via gift in game)
  • Face to Face trade

If you choose the in-game transfer delivery method, we will send the gold coins directly to your character. You only need to be online to receive the coins in-game.

If you choose the delivery method face to face trade, we will invite to a group from our colleagues. Also, we will communicate the meeting point in-game via live chat or in the game. Please have an item ready to trade, which you can hand over in exchange for the gold coins.

After we receive your order, we will take care of it immediately. Usually we need less than one hour for your order. However, in rare cases, the delivery may take a little bit longer. But don't worry, we will do our best to send the Gold Coins in New World to your character as soon as possible.