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New World FAQ

We currently offer the following two boost options:

  • New World Level Boost
    Here we will bring your character to your desired level. You don't have to do anything but wait and we'll do the work for you. This is worthwhile for those who want to use their time differently or do not have it.
  • New World Profession (Berufe) Boost
    Here we will bring your desired profession to a certain level. It does not matter whether the profession is from the Gathering, Refining or Crafting group.

For more information about each boost option, you can stop by the products or ask us via live chat. We'll help you with any question.

It all depends on which product you choose.

For New World Gold Coins, you can expect about a few hours. We will usually send the gold the same day.. However, a few days after release, there may be delays. We kindly ask for your understanding.

For New World Level Boost, you can expect about 4-5 days from level 1 to 60. Normally, however, we are finished earlier.

For New World Profession Boost, it all depends on which profession you have chosen. There are significant differences in the Gathering, Crafting, or Refine groups. You can always ask about the duration in our live chat.

Unlike many other well-known MMO's, there are no classes in New World. With this, the developers of New World take a completely different approach. The "class" is defined according to the equipment and the specific abilities of your hero. This way, players can create their own personal gameplay and are not bound to the typical classes. Leveling different weapons also plays a big role in the process. Do you like to play with a shield and sword and wear heavy armor? So you are a suitable tank for any group. But also the choice of your professions will be decisive. So the goal is for players to be able to develop themselves and create their own "classes".

Since many servers are currently struggling with very long queues, it's possible to change servers in New World for free. Because of the long queues up to over 12 hours, this is a reasonable solution from the New World developers. It is not yet known if this feature will continue to be available over time or if it will also be available for a little fee. So if you still want to change your server, you should do it now.

We can assure you that New World will not charge you any monthly fees. Thus, the game is different from its competitors like World of Warcraft or even FFXIV. You can purchase New World the Standard Edition for €39.99 and in the Deluxe Edition for €49.99. The Deluxe Edition includes cosmetic items, pets and emotes. So you only have to buy New World once and then you can play as much and as often as you want.

In the New World Shop (in-game) you can also buy only cosmetic items and emotes. The developers have explicitly mentioned that New World will never be a "pay to win" game. Thus, we will never find weapons, armor or other useful items in the New World Shop. Likewise, there will be no gold coins for New World to buy in the in-game store.

The new game New World is currently only available for the PC. So far, the developers of the game have also not yet commented on a possible console version. Only the developers know whether New World will be released for consoles like PS5, Xbox Series X or even Nintendo Switch. We don't think this is unlikely, since the attack structure is similar to Diablo 3. There is also a console version for Diablo 3. So a console port would definitely be possible. We would all love to see an upcoming console version of New World for PS5, Nintendo Switch or Xbox Series X.

(Status 01.10.2021)