New World Weapon Boost FAQ

After we receive your order, we will start the boost. Please provide us with your account details via live chat or email. We will then log into your account and start boosting. Usually we need a few hours to bring your weapon to level 20. To find out the exact duration, you can also ask us via live support.

After you fight monsters or other enemies with a certain weapon, you get weapon points for it. Your weapon levels up as well. You can then divide these weapon points into different skills in New World (Skill Tree). Each skill is unique and gives you a certain advantage. The decision is not final, you can also re-skill your weapon and distribute the points differently.

In New World there are eleven different weapons. Depending on which weapon you choose, the playstyle of your character will change. So there are no classes like in other MMO's. Your weapons and your playstyle determine a class.

The following weapons are available:

  • Bow
  • Fire Staff
  • Great Axe
  • Hatchet
  • Ice Gauntlet
  • Life Staff
  • Musket
  • Rapier
  • Spear
  • Sword and Shield
  • War Hammer

However, in order to do real damage with the weapons, you first have to level them up in New World. This can be very demanding and time-consuming.