WoW Classic FAQ

We currently only offer the level boost for WoW Classic. We will play with your character up to your desired level. You don't have to do anything except wait and we'll take care of the rest. Since it takes a lot of time to level your character to level 60, it sometimes makes sense to take advantage of a level boost. Depending on the class and server, we can level up from level 1 to 60 in about 14 days, without the use of bots or cheats.

Are you interested? Then you will find exactly the right offer for you on our website. Do you have further questions about the boost in WoW Classic? Then just tell us your request via live chat.

Since we farm all the gold in WoW Classic ourselves, it doesn't take long for us to send it to you. Usually we need up to one hour until we send the gold. After sending the gold, however, it takes another hour until the gold is in your mailbox. As soon as the gold is sent, we will send you a confirmation by e-mail. So you always know exactly about the current status of your order.

Leveling turns out to be extremely tough and exhausting in Vanilla. Especially with classes like the warrior or paladin, leveling up to 60 can be quite an exhausting process. The "casual" players need over a month to get to level 60. Thus, the choice of the right class is also a very important factor when leveling. Especially classes with a pet, like hunter or warlock are very beginner friendly. So if you want to take up the challenge, you can try it with a warrior. But if you want to have the gold already together at level 40 in Classic WoW for a mount, you should choose the hunter.

Riding can be learned for the first time at level 40 in WoW Classic. However, to learn the riding skill you have to pay 20 gold once. Then the player is allowed to buy a "Rare" mount, which has a speed of 60%. The Rare mount costs another 80 gold.

At level 60, you can finally unlock Epic Riding. This is a mount with a 100% speed. However, the fast mount costs 1000 gold in WoW Classic. For many, saving up to level 60 is the first thing to do.

Riding is a must in WoW Classic. So if you want to travel fast, you need a mount.

The difference between these two games couldn't be bigger. Classic plays slightly heavy and also slow. The classes have to constantly eat and drink to start more attacks. It also takes forever to get from A to B. In Classic, however, the fantasy world is the main focus. The player should experience his own adventures and leveling process is an important part of it. The gold in this case is also very important in Classic WoW and also in the Season of Mastery. It must be hard earned by each individual player.

It is different in retail WoW. There, every player tries to reach the maximum level as fast as possible. The actual game starts with the end content. The classes play very dynamically and quickly. You can execute many powerful combinations one after the other. Flying is also allowed everywhere and there are many different portals throughout the world. They take you quickly to where you want to go. The gold can also be bought directly in the store.

Are you looking for a role-playing game where you can slip into your character and explore the world of Warcraft? Then you should give the over 12 year old game WoW Classic a chance.

Unlike all new World of Warcraft expansions, Classic doesn't cost extra. You only need an active subscription to World of Warcraft. The game is completely playable without any additional costs. There is no cosmetic content or even mounts to buy. Purchasing gold is also not possible in WoW Classic. The subscription costs 12,99€ at Blizzard for one month. So if you want to reminisce about the old days, you can do so with an active subscription.