WoW Classic Level Boost FAQ

Yes you don't have to worry about your account. We do not use any hacks or bots for classic wow powerleveling. Also, we use an IP from the same country you are from. So for Blizzard it looks like you are playing yourself. So you can rest easy and leave the work to us.

For the WoW Classic Character Boost, we only let chosen colleagues access your account. They are experienced WoW players. Your account is in good hands. They will complete the quests for you and kill monsters to reach the desired level. The boosting is done by hand without the use of any software.

No, unfortunately not. Unlike retail WoW, you can only play WoW Classic with an active subscription. This costs 12.99€ per month and can be purchased in the Blizzard store. So please make sure that your account also has an active game time when you buy the wow classic character boost from us.

It always depends on which class and which server you have chosen. As a rule, you can expect a duration of up to three weeks from level 1 to 60. If we are allowed to buy a mount from level 40, it goes much faster from there. So plan some time when you use the wow classic leveling service from us.