WoW Gear Boost Normal

Usually right after you place your order. As soon as we receive the necessary information from you, we will give you the dates. As a rule, our raids take place daily from 17:00. However, the exact procedure will be discussed with each customer individually.

The first eight bosses give you gear with item level 213. The last two bosses drop gear with item level 220. You also have a chance to get media with level 213. The Legendary Bow Rae'shalare, Death's Whisper also drops on Normal difficulty. However, you won't get the coveted mount until you reach the higher difficulty levels.

This is quite different and depends on the phase. If you book the WoW Gear Boost (Normal) at the beginning of the phase, this can take a few weeks. The later in the phase you book the Gearing Boost, the faster you will get your Full Gear.