WoW Level Boost FAQ

If you are asking yourself this question, we can reassure you. We consider the risk of being banned to be extremely low. Also, we always make sure that we use unique IP addresses for each customer. We only use IP's that match your country of origin. So you are also on the safe side. We now have over 500 completed orders for Level Boosting in WoW. All our boosters are full professionals in their field and know exactly what to do. If you have any further concerns or even questions, feel free to contact us via live chat. We will help you with any of your concerns.

We're going continue to play normally. So we'll do quests, dungeons and everything that goes with it. So the power leveling is no different from your leveling process. The only difference is that we do this work for you. During the level boost in WoW, your character receives gold and also various items. These also stay on your character.

The current maximum level is different in every WoW expansion. Currently in Shadowlands it is at level 60. Before Shadowlands the maximum level was 120. The level squish graded it down to 60. So all level 120 characters will start at level 50.

Since we have only experienced boosters in our team, we can guarantee a fast processing.

  • For level 1 - 60 we need between 24 and 36 hours. However, this depends on your WoW class and the server.
  • For level 50 - 60 we need between 8 and 10 hours.

Normally, we always complete the process a little faster than the estimated times given above. Do you have any other wishes that you would like us to fulfill during the power leveling service? Then please let us know beforehand.