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The game and Gameplay FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the largest subscription’s MMORPGs on the market. You are offered a huge variety of content. For example, hardcore raid content, an extensive crafting system and the establishment of your own home. Final Fantasy XIV developers are regularly publishing new story content, dungeons and raids every three to four months. You can buy FFXIV Gil to get buy better Equipment for your Character.

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Patch Echoes of a Fallen Star

The publisher Square Enix has announced the major content update for the longstanding successful MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Online. The patch has the version number 5.2.

We list the changes to the new patch 5.2 below:

New quests in the main series: The Shadowbringers saga continues.

New quest line to improve equipment: Starting with the 5.2 patch, this quest line will be updated regularly to give players new powerful equipment as they learn more about the home of the Hrothgar, the Bozja Citadel. You also can Buy FFXIL Gil to get better equipment.

Ruby weapon:  Frirstly, you can challenge the Ruby weapon in normal and difficult mode.

Raid Eden’s Verse: The Eden Raid series will feature new battles in both normal and difficult modes.

New Wild Tribal Quests: The Qitari will offer new quests for farmer.

Dungeon Anammases Anyder: This new dungeon can be played with other players or with a group of NPCs.

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Eorzea – A Realm Reborn

Eorzea is filled with mystery, marvels, and intrigue as the world of Final Fantasy XIV has both burned to the ground and arisen from ashes anew only to become one of the world’s most beloved online titles. Get your FFXIV Gil now and start your journey today.

But an old threat, once thought vanquished, threatens the fragile peace that governs the land, and war-torn though independent Ala Mhigo may soon find itself again under the iron rule of the Empire. Overall, the iron war machines of Eorzea’s greatest belligerent nation turn once again as heroes of the Light must face choices of destiny and character that could forever shape the future of the game. You will need FFXIV Gil for the war. While the Warriors of the Light slumber and the would-be saviors of Eorzea are locked away also it is up to regular players to take up the helms of adventurer and stop the Empire and its unstoppable march across the map.

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Shadowbringers Expansion

Shadowbringers brings new, dark twists to the FFXIV lore, an updated game system, and an unexplored realm called Norvrandt that is filled with denizens to get to know and dungeons to loot. Don’t waste your time to farm FFXIV Gil. Just buy FFXIV Gil from CoinLooting.

 Fans of the Final Fantasy series and newcomers alike have much to enjoy with FFXIV. The online version of Square’s long-running series, the world of Eorzea, gives players the chance to explore multiple classes systems, role-play as one of many races, and participate in a story that can only be described as cinematic and on par with everything else the company has on offer. Fast-paced, action-packed combat and an intuitive talent system make this title move more quickly than the old turn-based titles of yore, and the vast, vibrant world of Eorzea offers enough distractions and content to last even the most ravenous player for years. Grind to max level on a class, master your talents, or decorate your own palace – FFXIV has everything the fantasy player could ever want.

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