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We all know that leveling and other activities aren’t that much fun. Level 120 is where the game really begins. It’ exactly the same problem you have when grinding items or materials that you need. But I have no choice and I have to go through it, right? No, we at CoinLooting give you the opportunity to buy a level boost or any other activity Flyff Universe. So you don’t have to waste time leveling or grinding anymore. We will take care of this unpleasant part for you. Still not sure if a level boost for Flyff Universe is worth it? We’ll show you why you should choose this service.

Buy Flyff Universe Level or Grind Boost? Why should I do that?

Those who have played Flyff in the past know how exhausting the leveling and grinding process can be. Like many Asian MMO’s, Flyff requires a lot of grinding. So you’ll be running around the game world, taking down as many enemies as you can. Each enemy gives you a certain amount of experience points (EXP). After each level, however, it becomes more and more difficult to reach the next level. Therefore, the leveling process is not the most fun part for most players. Leveling can be sped up by up to 100% with experience rolls, but you still need several hours to get to level 120. Moreover, these scrolls can only be purchased for real money. Before you decide to buy these experience scrolls, you might want to consider buying a level boost for Flyff Universe. That way you can skip the whole annoying leveling process.

So what advantages are offered to me at CoinLooting?

The team of CoinLooting consists exclusively of gamers. For this reason, we know what is important. To ensure the security of your account, we also use a VPN from your country for our boosts. In addition, all of our boosts run exclusively by hand without the use of any software. So your account is safe at all times.

Looking for Penya or Items for Flyff? We at CoinLooting have everything you are looking for.


This offer is about Hiring us to do Activities Like: Grinding/Leveling/Farming/Questing etc, within a certain period of Time.

– We log into your account and play the game as if you were playing.

– You can choose how many hours you want us to play for you.

– The boosting will get done by a real player and it will get streamed, so that you can watch.

– We will use a VPN from the country of your choice if needed

– All loot/drops/rewards/currency/items will stay at your character.

  1. Step:
    Before we can start with the boost, we need all the important information from you. For example, if you want a level boost, we need information such as your desired class, character name and your Login credentials. To avoid misunderstandings, we recommend that you create a character beforehand. If you want another boost like a grind boost, please tell us what exactly you want us to do for you.
  2. Step:
    After you place your order, we will contact you. You will receive an email from us with the next instructions. Alternatively, you can already contact us via live chat. Once we start with the boost, you will get a link with the stream. That way, you can watch us play the game.
  3. Step: 
    Once we have completed the boost, we will contact you again by email. As soon as you receive this confirmation, you can log back into your account.


What is the maximum Level in Flyff Universe?
The maximum level is 120, after which, as in the other Flyff versions, there is no further leveling. From then on, the end content of the game begins.
How long does the level boost to 120 take in Flyff Universe?
Unfortunately, we can’t give you an exact time. We play the character ourselves, without leveling it up in groups. So it will take many hours to reach the maximum level.
What requirements do I have to meet?
You don’t have to meet any specific requirements. The only thing you need is an activated account.
Is the level boost also safe?
There is no 100% certainty for level boosting. However, you can reduce the chance of being suspended to a minimum. This includes, for example, using your country’s VPN and not using software. At CoinLooting, the security of your account always comes first.
Can I log in during the boosting process?
It is best if you do not do this, as we will have to interrupt the level boost for your Flyff Universe character. This can then lead to us not being able to keep to the schedule. However, if it is necessary, it is best to contact us beforehand via live chat or email.

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    Super Service ! Ich bin sehr zufrieden . Boost hat tatsächlich 10 Stunden gedauert und alles wurde erfüllt !

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  2. 5 out of 5


    I booked the 24h boost and I’m very satisfied. They did a great job. I was able to watch what the booster is doing by live stream.

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