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Fury Warrior WoW WotLK Classic PvE Guide

The “classic” barbarian warrior belongs in every role-playing game. If you also like berserk, whirling types, then the FuryWarrior in WotLK Classic is just right for you. We’ll show you how to master this class in this Fury Warrior WoW WotLK Classic PvE Guide. Also what the best enchantments are and the best buff food for your warrior.

Fury Warrior WoW WotLK Classic PvE Guide


The ultimate PvE guide for your Fury Warrior in WoW WotLK Classic

The Fury Warrior is the most popular version of the offensive warrior, at least in PvE. This is due to the buffs that he provides for the raid group. On the other hand, his way of playing is quite catchy, even for inexperienced players. However, it is also necessary to master the difficulties that this type of game brings with it. This way, you’ll easily be at the top of any damage dealer’s list. We’ll show you how to do that in this PvE guide for the Fury Warrior in WoW WotLK Classic.

Twice is better – the two-handed weapons

The Fury Warrior can be recognized by the fact that you are the only class in the game that wields two powerful two-handed weapons. The 51-point talent Titan’s Grip makes this possible. You should always make use of this talent. The 10% reduction in physical damage is easily made up for by the high DPS values of the two two-handed weapons. Fury Warriors also benefit from the high stats of the other two-handed weapons. Carrying two weapons, however, makes you miss enemies quite often. However, this only applies to standard attacks in the first place and doesn’t affect your special attacks as much. For this reason, you also need a hit rating of eight percent. Three percent of this comes from the Precision talent. So you only have five percent left to accumulate with armor and enchantment.

The rage management as a fury warrior

Next up in this Fury Warrior PvE Guide for WotLK Classic is rage management. With two two-handers, the word “rage management” takes on a whole new meaning. The slow weapon speed and high damage mean that your warrior only gets rage intermittently. But then in great numbers. It’s not uncommon for one hit to completely replenish your rage bar. So always make sure to drain your rage with abilities like Heroic Strike or Cleave. Heroic Strike also has a chance to trigger the Bloodsurge talent.

A hit rating of eight percent and a Expertise of 26 are an absolute must for the Fury Warrior. Otherwise, you run the risk of falling into “rage holes” due to frequent misses. Thereby you won’t have any rage left for your special attacks. So if you have real problems with the rage build-up, you can even increase your hit rating by more than eight percent. This way, especially the off-hand hits more often and the rage build-up becomes a bit more regular. With better equipment, the rage buildup also improves noticeably. So it is recommended to save some gold for the equipment. The increasing damage makes it almost impossible for you to save yourself from rage.

Attacks from behind as Fury Warrior?

If you think that only tricky rogues attack enemies in the back, you are very wrong. Enemies cannot parry attacks from behind. So it’ s obvious that you are standing right there as a Fury Warrior, too. With 26 Expertise Rating, your enemy can’t even dodge, so every one of your swings lands right on target. So in a fight, if possible, stay close to your opponent’s back. A missed swing because your enemy is running out of range will cost you valuable damage. Unlike your spellcasting counterparts, you can only take full advantage of the damage potential when you’re moving.

How to support your group as a Fury Warrior in WotLK Classic

As a warrior you have various possibilities to support your group in difficult encounters. Most fury warriors like to overlook these possibilities and think only of their own damage in their thirst for blood. Often this turns out to be a mistake, at the latest when you meet the Spirit Healer again. We will show you which support ability you should use when in this Fury Warrior PvE Guide in WotLK Classic.

Demoralizing Shout reduces the attack power of your enemies. If the enemy attacks mainly with physical damage and the tank is still a bit weak, you can cast these spells regularly. This will especially help the healers in your group.

Sunder Armor is stackable and reduces the armor of the opponent by up to 20 percent. If you are the only melee fighter in the group, don’t use it. The damage loss from regular use would be too high. However, if the group consists of many melee fighters and hunters, it is worth using it.

Shattering Throw reduces the target’s armor by 20% for 10 seconds. This is in addition to Sunder Armor. So if you use Sunder Armor, the Shattering Throw should follow shortly after. However, this requires a change to the combat stance. With this macro it works without problems:

/cast Battle Stance
/cast Shattering Throw

Who is dead, rages no more!

Always remember, a dead warrior does no damage. Especially with the hasty use of the Whirlwind ability. You can easily attract the attention of an enemy before the tank has taken the aggro. If this happens, a switch to defensive stance with shield and Shield Wall can save your life.



Checklist for the most important attributes ( stats ) for your Fury Warrior

  1. Hit Rating
    Increase to eight percent (without three talent points in precision; with only five percent).
  2. Expertise
    Up to 26 Expertise (215 Expertise Rating).
  3. Strength
    As much as possible.
  4. Critical Strike Rating
  5. Armor Penetration
  6. Haste Rating


The main Fury Warrior talents in WotLK Classic

In this WoW WotLK Classic Fury Warrior Guide, we will continue with the most important talents and how you should distribute these points. As a Fury Warrior, you’ll mainly rely on talents that will boost your damage. When choosing the right Fury talents, there are few optional talent points to distribute, unlike other play styles.

Armed to the Teeth

Armed to the Teeth is the reason why Fury Warriors prefer plate armor. For every 108 points of armor, this talent increases your attack power by three points. That doesn’t sound like much at first, but it adds up quickly. With the average armor of a level 80 warrior, the talent increases your attack power by about 150. Don’t miss out on this bonus by wearing leather or heavy armor. Unless they are significantly better than their plate counterparts.

Death Wish

No, the talent should not tempt you to play risky. Instead, it increases your damage by a whopping 20% for 30 seconds! By using the talent Rage, the cooldown is even reduced to two minutes and can be used regularly. Still, try activating Death Wish during boss fights along with Heroism/Bloodlust and your trinket. The big damage numbers will then just fly across your screen. Death Wish does not add up to other percentage damage increases like Enrage or Blood Death Knight Hysteria.


Without Bloodsurge, Slam is largely useless for a Fury Warrior in WotLK Classic. Only the talent complements your otherwise rigid rotation. As soon as Bloodsurge is triggered, you can immediately cast the next Slam. Fury Warriors always do this to increase their damage even more and hardly dare to leave the house without this talent. To keep an eye on Bloodsurge, the Powerauras addon is recommended.

Heroic Fury

This talent is often overlooked, but it is quite useful in raids. It frees the Fury Warrior from all movement-restricting effects and completes the cooldown of Intercept. Used skillfully, it increases mobility enormously. If you get back to the enemy quickly, you quickly do damage again and get a head start. If you expect to be slowed down in fights, then you should definitely use this talent.

Titan’s Grip

There are few end talents that change and shape the play style of a class as much as this one. At level 60, you’ll be hitting enemies with two two-handed weapons. All that’s missing are two appropriate weapons. When you carry a weapon with a triggering effect (procc), you always take it in your main hand. Here the chance of triggering is slightly higher.


The most important talents in the Weapon-Tree

In this section of the Fury Warrior WoW WotLK Classic PvE Guide, we will show you which talents you should focus on in the Weapon Tree. Fury Warriors invest their extra points exclusively in the Weapon Tree. There you will also find what you are looking for, namely damage and even more damage.

Deep Wounds

Veterans of war will remember the old, rather weak version of Deep Wounds. By now, this ability has become so strong that you can’t get around it. The reason is simple. Critical hits no longer overwrite existing Deep Wounds, but stack and deal more damage. The talent is also the reason why Fury Warriors prefer slow two-handed weapons in WotLK Classic. Due to the higher weapon damage, the Deep Wounds are also significantly higher.

Two-Handed Weapon Specialization

Since you can carry not one, but two two-handed weapons, this talent comes in handy twice. Your total damage is increased by a full six percent. We don’t know of any reasons not to use this talent. Or do you voluntarily hit less powerfully?


Talent Points Distribution (Talent Build) for the PvE Fury Warrior in WotLK Classic

Your talent points should be distributed as follows:

Fury Warrior PvE Guide DPS WotLK Classic


The correct Glyphs

Choosing the right glyphs is not always easy. In this Fury Warrior PvE Guide for WotLK Classic, we’ll show you how your Berserker really learns to rage.

Major Glyph

Glyph – Whirlwind:
Whirlwind is the attack that does the most damage thanks to your two two-handed weapons. The two-second cooldown reduction comes in handy. In purely mathematical terms, this means that you can use the Whirlwind attack three times more often within two minutes.  For a Fury Warrior, this is by far the best glyph in any situation. So be sure to choose it!

Glyph – Heroic Strike:
When you use this glyph, you get 10 rage back after each Heroic Strike. This doesn’t directly increase damage, but it acts like a lubricant in the Fury Warrior’s rage machine.

Glyph – Execute:
This glyph increases the damage you do with Execute. Execute then hits every time as if you had 10 more rage points. At level 80, that’s about 380 more damage per Execute. Against single targets, the Execute glyph is the third most powerful in the Fury Warrior’s arsenal and is also mandatory in raids.

Glyph – Cleave:
With this glyph your Cleave hits a third target. Especially if you often have to fight against many enemies, this glyph is a worthwhile investment instead of the glyph Execute. Mostly, the glyph is worthwhile in heroic instances, but later in the raids it is no longer recommended.

Minor Glyph

When it comes to minor glyphs, you have a bit more choice as a Fury Warrior in WotLK Classic. If you have to use a Commanding Shout regularly in the raid, the corresponding glyph is of course worthwhile. In small groups and otherwise, you should rather use the glyph Battle Shout. Tanks and PvP players reach for the glyph Charge and from now on charge even further away from the enemy. If the warrior is traveling alone, the glyph Enduring Victory is worth a look. Always a good choice for the Warrior is the Glyph Bloodrage, which reduces the ability’s disadvantage of losing health, by 100 percent. Thus, you can use Bloodrage without hesitation.


The perfect rotation for maximum damage with your Fury Warrior in WotLK Classic

The right rotation is very important for every player. Therefore, we show you the optimal rotation for your Fury Warrior in this PvE guide for WotLK Classic. With our suggested rotations you can defeat any opponent.

WoW WotLK Classic Fury Warrior PvE Guide Rotation

The easy variant

You always use your main attacks, Whirlwind and Bloodthirst, on cooldown as soon as they are ready. If Bloodsurge triggers, immediately cast Slam and then continue with Whirlwind and Bloodthirst. Heroic Strike is only ever used when your Rage is over halfway up your bar. Especially in movement-intensive fights, you still do a lot of damage with this simplified rotation.

For experienced Berserkers

As an experienced Berserker, you also pay attention to the cooldowns of your abilities. If Bloodsurge triggers when Whirlwind would be available in the next few seconds, use Whirlwind and then immediately cast Slam. If you accidentally cast Slam, you’d better cancel it immediately by stepping forward and continuing your rotation. Also use Berserker Rage to completely fill up your rage bar.

The Execution-Phase

At 20 percent boss health, the execution phase begins. Heroic Strike is now only used at 80 rage or more. Thus, the damage of Execute is increased by the full rage bar. Exactly what your rotation looks like during this phase depends largely on your equipment. If you do not have equipment in the 245 item level range, you will alternate between Whirlwind and Execute. However, if your equipment is significantly better, then you can use a Slam even when Bloodsurge is triggered. If you don’t want to use the glyph Execute, keep casting Bloodthirst. Execute in this case becomes a gap filler in the rotation and is only active when all other skills on cooldown.

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