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Lost Ark Level Boost to Level 60 – Fast Cheap and Safe Power Leveling

Are you playing Lost Ark on the new EU or US server and do not want to level up anymore? We have a solution for this problem. Buy now here on CoinLooting the Lost Ark Level Boost up to level 60 for a cheap price. This way you can use your time differently and we will take care of your character’s power leveling in New World. In no time we will reach the maximum level (60) and then you can finally continue with the end content.

The process is very simple and self-explanatory. After you have placed your order, please contact us via mail or live chat. This way we can start the level boost for Lost Ark as soon as possible. Please be aware that we only offer Level Boost for Lost Ark using the account-share method. If you have any questions about the duration or the process, you can always ask us via live chat.

Why should you choose us?

  • We make sure that we only allow selected and tested boosters to access your account
  • Also, we do not store any account data
  • We offer you a fast and uncomplicated processing
  • You can reach us 24/7 via Live Chat
  • The best price-performance ratio

What is the point of buying the level boost for Lost Ark?

The way to the maximum level 60 Lost Ark is sometimes very difficult and also time-consuming. Especially if a class was chosen in advance that is not so well suited for leveling and is also not beginner-friendly. So, for players who don’t have much time for leveling, power levelin is useful for Lost Ark. This way, you can play your character to the maximum level in just a few days and finally enjoy the final content. There, numerous bosses await you that need to be dealt with. So, what are you waiting for? Buy the lvl Boost for Lost Ark today and don’t worry about leveling up anymore.

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What will be the maximum level in Lost Ark EU or NA?
The maximum level will be increased to level 60 at the release of Lost Ark in EU and NA. Unlike the version from Russia or Japan, where the maximum level is 50.
How long does the boost to 60 take?
This is entirely dependent on your choice of class. Usually, you have to estimate a few days. Just contact us directly in the live chat if you want to know the exact duration.
How exactly does the level boost work for Lost Ark?
The process is very simple and also uncomplicated. After your purchase we will start with the boost. Please send us your further information via email or live chat. Our boosters will log into your account and start.
How does the boost benefit me anyway?
As in many other MMO’s, the whole game revolves around the end content. Once you reach the maximum level, you can face many different challenges.


Cheap Level Boost for Lost Ark to Level 60

Level Boost for Lost Ark EU and US

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