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Buy OSRS Gold & GP cheap here on CoinLooting

Are you a big fan of the game Old School RuneScape? But you don’t have gold or GP to buy items or other things in OSRS? Or you lost all your gold in the Duel Arena? We know this problem all too well. That’s why we at CoinLooting have decided to offer cheap OSRS GP and gold for sale. So you don’t have to spend hours cutting down trees or farming ores and selling them. So we offer you the chance to use your time in a different way. You can finally participate in the fun things in RuneScape without the boring farming of gold or GP.

The process of buying GP and gold in OSRS is very simple and self-explanatory. After you have placed your order and we have received your payment, we will meet you in-game. Please contact us shortly after your order via live chat. We will give you the meeting point where the delivery will take place. Trading of gold or GP in RuneScape will only take place via “Face to Face”. Please make sure that you are online and ready for the handover after placing your order. That’s all there is to the process. So it’s really very simple and doesn’t require you to do anything else.

What you get when you buy RuneScape GP (Gold) from us

After you buy Gold (GP) for Old School RuneScape (R2) from us, we will provide you with the following.

  • Securely farmed GP or gold for RuneScape 2007
  • No use of software to farm
  • Also a very fast delivery only a few minutes after receipt of payment
  • A very secure delivery through “Face to Face
  • A helpful and also always for you attainable support
  • Additional wishes can also be implemented after consultation with us at any time

What advantage does GP in OSRS give you?

Also like in many other MMORPG’s, gold is the currency in RuneScape 2007. It is an important component in the game. So you can buy many different items or even powerful items with the gold (GP) in OSRS. These give you a certain advantage. But you can also buy many cosmetic contents for your house with OSRS Gold. There are only two ways to get the gold. Either you invest a lot of time and effort in farming GP or you just buy it for OSRS here on CoinLooting. The decision is up to you. For all those who don’t want to waste time farming, CoinLooting offers you OSRS Gold for sale.

If you’re looking for more OSRS GP & Gold deals, then take a look around the site. You’re sure to find something you’re looking for. For all other questions, we are available via live chat.


First, select the desired amount of gold you want to buy for OSRS. Then you can enter your character name and choose the delivery method.



The gold is given to you via the trade window in the game. Thus, only the Face to Face shipping method is possible at OSRS.



After you have purchased the desired amount of RuneScape Gold, we will take care of your order immediately. By contacting us via chat, we can arrange the delivery location.


Buy cheap OSRS Gold

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How soon can the gold be delivered?
After we receive your order, we start preparing the gold. Usually you will have your gold within a few minutes after we receive your payment. Please send us a message via live chat shortly after your order. All further information will be exchanged and a meeting point will be arranged. So please be ready for the handover after your order in OSRS.

There is always a chance of being penalized for buying OSRS GP or gold. However, we minimize the risk significantly by farming the gold ourselves and using only safe trading methods. This is also reflected in our statistics. After over 500 OSRS orders, we have never had a customer penalized for buying gold. Therefore, we also estimate the risk of receiving a penalty as very low.

We always make sure that our farmers do not use any software to collect the gold. This way we can also make sure that the gold is really farmed by hand.

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    gold war nach 10 minuten ready

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    Very good and always quickly deliverd :)

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