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About the game Rocket League

The game Rocket League was developed by the games developer Psyonix. The game is a combination of car racing and soccer. Two different teams meet in the game and play against each other in a futuristic arena. Each player can individually design his vehicle in a variety of ways. Rocket League is a sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (known as SARPBC), developed by the same developers.

In summary, the game is a strong mixture of arcade football and vehicle chaos with easy-to-use controls. It is also possible to compete with other players in a competition. In addition, it is possible to play the offline season mode against AI opponents.

Rocket League as a Sport

The future of sports is here, and it combines high-octane racing with fast-paced soccer gaming. Meet Rocket League, the arena-game of tomorrow. It connects the varying competitive drives of scoring points and driving fast together. It has a perfect package that has taken the world by storm. Evocative of the classic arcade games of yesterday! Rocket League’s competitive nature powers a global fanbase of fantastic players that makes it among the world’s leaders in reach and broad appeal.

Sporting lightning-fast and crisp 3D graphics with an explosive sound and audio effects. Rocket League puts players behind the wheel of a rocket-powered car that can hit a massive ball across the field to other teammates or through a goal to score a point.

Think of it like bumper cars with rockets and a massive soccer ball to get some idea of the action on offer here. There are also kart-racing elements such as speed boosts and using momentum to overcome any advantages that opponents might have over you.

Cars can hit the ball in mid-air to stop it from going into the goal or even build up momentum to hit other cars and destroy them. That latter element of a demolition derby makes matches in Rocket League particularly unpredictable – as well as amazingly fun.

Matches in Rocket League

Matches are also extremely fast-paced, and the clock starts running from the beginning. With only five minutes in which to win, players scramble against one another in what can only be described as a semi-tactical free-for-all. Developing a rhythm with your team, as well as learning the mechanics of how to hit the ball often distinguishes winners from losers in close matches.

Every bit the arcade experience without the cigarette smoke and grungy cabinets, Rocket League, is the bridge between the games of yesterday and the competitive, eSports-oriented market of now.

Lucky Lanterns

Psyonix presents a new event for Rocket League. This event is called Lucky Lanterns and starts on 20th January 2020. Like typical for Rocket League events, the Rocket League players will again earn event-specific credits during the Lucky Lanterns promotion. You also can use them as reward for various skins. This time, these are red envelopes that can be redeemed up to three days after the event ends before disappearing from the player’s inventory.

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