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Buy Star Wars The Old Republic Credits now – Buy cheap SWTOR Credits

Buy SWTOR Credits with CoinLooting to have the best gaming and user experience. It gives you the opportunity to start your career in the world of Star Wars The Old Republic. Buy Gold for SWTOR at extremely reasonable prices to get started as soon as possible. It is never too late to start your career at Star Wars The Old Republic. Buy the right amount of orbs and have the best experience with CoinLooting.

For the best user experience, CoinLooting tends to discuss everything throughout the process. The SWTOR Gold service you would opt for will take not more than 24 hours to complete. Delivery takes usually under 60 minutes after payment!

What you will get when you buy SWTOR for EU or US Credits from CoinLooting

  • Fast and Safe delivery.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • The fast delivery method via mail.

How to get credits fast swtor?

The easiest way to get swtor gold is, to buy them. We offer you cheap, fast and safe credits for SWTOR. So you don’t have to farm them for hours and hours. Just relax sit back and let us do the work for you. Enjoy the game like you should do and buy new Gear, better Lightsaber or other items.

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Choose in our shop the amount of credits you want to buy. To do this,
select the appropriate region. Afterwards you can choose your server, faction and enter your character name.

Now enter your character name in the appropriate field and choose the appropriate delivery method.

After you have ordered the desired amount of credits, we will take care of your order immediately.

With our professional and fast service, we offer you a unique gaming experience.
CoinLooting offers you the equipment you need to start your career at SWTOR.

How long will it take?

It usually takes under 60 minutes for us to send your SWTOR credits. However, in exceptional cases it can take up to 24 hours. We will inform you if it should take longer.


Buy SWTOR Credits

SWTOR Credits

Buy SWTOR Credits



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