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Tera Online is one of the best and also most popular online role-playing games out there. The game was created with the idea of offering a huge, visually stunning world, in which several races and groups fight for power. Each of them tries to attack the others and occupy more land. Meanwhile, your range is constantly growing. The game is very impressive from a fighting point of view, since you can attack in real time. This is one of the reasons why people often get gold for the game TERA Online. Your character will get better and better as a result. You can buy him new powerful equipment or weapons that can possibly give you an advantage in battles.

Tera gold

Why should I get TERA Gold?

The game is constantly adding new content. There is crafting, housing, PVP, PVE quests and even hunting is possible. Thus, the game offers many different and varied possibilities. These are gradually unlocked over the course of the game. For the players, the fun is always in the foreground. Gold has taken on a decisive importance within the game Tera Online. You can use it to buy any item you want. Thus, CoinLooting offers you the possibility of obtaining gold without farming, so that you are well prepared for your upcoming adventures.

Things you should know about Tera Online

Among other things, the gold provides other benefits. So, you can use it to get new additional slots for your characters. Have you created too many characters and don’t want to delete any of them? Then you can simply get another character slot with a little gold. This way you won’t have to part with your beloved characters. In addition, you also have to take into account the fact that most items in the store can be bought with gold anyway. Thus, players won’t have to use real money. Thus, it also proves to make sense to farm or otherwise obtain gold for Tera Online. This allows the acquisition of new character slots or better equipment.

Tera Online Gold

What is TERA Gold and what is EMP?

The En Masse Points (EMP) currency is required to purchase various premium items and services. These En Masse Points are also known to players under the abbreviation EMP. In TERA’s in-game store, the player can buy a variety of items. This store includes some extraordinary items. These include the mount, clothing, weapons, leather, fashion accessories or pearl items. These are, for example, additional places for your characters. You can only pay with the currency EMP in the ingame store.

The TERA Gold is also used for other important items. These include food items such as emulsifiers and amygdala. With the EMP, the player can buy weapons, masks or fashion items in the store.

Various and unique races of Tera Online

In Tera Online there are seven different and also unique races. All of them have different characteristics and also special features.

  • The Amani are a people descended from dragons. Their folk skill “Ore Seeker” makes them the perfect ore gatherers. They are also very famous for their weaponsmithing.
  • The Baraka people are huge creatures.  However, don’t be fooled by their outward appearance, they are still a very peaceful people. They are also known to be an extremely intelligent people.
  • Popori are probably the most versatile people by far. Externally, they resemble a raccoon or a panda. Their nature is very outgoing and cheerful. They are also world-class collectors of plants.
  • Humans also exist in the world of Tera. Originally roaming the forests as a nomadic people, they are now rulers of powerful cities.
  • Castanic are known for their strong warriors. They are also very good at trading. Likewise, there is no Castanic who does not possess a wealth of gold in Tera. This makes them an influential people.
  • The High Elves are an ancient civilization. They are a part of the Federation and participate in peace. With their ability “Core Infusion”, these can restore 100% of mana points (MP).
  • Known for their small fox ears and short stature, the Elin are one with nature. They are one with nature and unlike all other races, can move very quickly in water.

All races have their own special advantages. In the end, however, you should decide which one you want to use based on your choice of class.

Tera Online Gold

What classes are there in Tera?

Choosing the right class is especially crucial for the game experience. You can choose between three class types.

  • The tank class includes the Lancer and the Sturmfaust. The Lancer is very slow and immobile but can take a lot of damage, while the Stormfist is mobile and intended as an off-tank.
  • With the damage classes, the choice is much greater. Here you can choose, for example, the Warrior, which can be both tank and DD. Or classes like the mage. This is a ranged class that uses spells to defeat its opponents. In total, there are nine different damage classes.
  • The last class type is the healer and the supporter. The best healer in the game is the priest. The mystic can also heal the group but is more used to buff the group.

All classes have advantages in both PvE and PvP. There are also classes that are better in PvE and worse in PvP. So, the right choice is also very crucial here.

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