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Buy cheap WoW Classic TBC Level Boost now- and be ready for World of Warcraft Classic The Burning Crusade

Buy level (lvl) boost for WoW TBC today and save your time. Also, from now on you won’t have to worry about the leveling of your character. That is why we offer you here at CoinLooting your WoW LvL Boost. We guarantee you the best services at cheap prices for World of Warcraft. Buy WoW TBC Level 70 Boost now! Here at CoinLooting you can buy as much World of Warcraft Level Boost as you want! It is quite simple, you just select the appropriate region and server you are playing on.

Moreover, with our professional and special services, we provide you with the best opportunity to buy level boost for WoW The Burning Crusade. Afterwards, we will immediately start processing your order, just lean back and relax. Finally, the CoinLooting team will take care of your purchase immediately. We will notify you by email after your WoW BC Level Boost is completed.

So in case you need more services, you can always contact us in chat, we are always here for you!

You will get the following after you buy WoW TBC Level 70 Boost:

For the best user experience, CoinLooting tends to discuss everything throughout the process. The boost service you would opt for will take not more than 24 hours to start.

  • Buy fast, handmade WoW LvL Boost for good prices
  • Fast and professional services
  • Secure boosting without third-party software
  • No long waiting times
  • Updates on your order in live chat
  • WoW Power leveling boost to level 70

Why should you use the WoW TBC leveling service from CoinLooting?

By the way, we know how difficult and time consuming leveling can be in wow tbc. In addition, not everyone has the time or the desire to walk this difficult and time-consuming path themselves. For this reason we offer you the opportunity to use our WoW TBC leveling service. Don’t waste any more time with leveling and buy the WoW lvl Boost on CoinLooting now. Below you can find more great offers like PvP Boosting or Gold for TBC on CoinLooting.


  Step 1

First, decide on your desired level goal for the WoW TBC Level Boost. Then you can choose the fields like region, server and your class. Leveling is done exclusively via the account share method.

  Step 2

If we have received your order, we can usually start directly after only a few minutes. However, we will contact you by email beforehand. In addition, we can use a private VPN from your country if necessary. This increases the security during the boosting process. If you have any further questions about the TBC leveling service, we are always available via live chat.

  Step 3

Once the order is completed, we will inform you via email. After that, you can log back into your account and enjoy the benefits of a level 70 character.


Start and Duration


Usually we can start with the boost shortly after your purchase. However, for this we need further information from you. After your purchase, we will notify you by e-mail about the further procedure.


The duration of the boost depends on many different factors. For example, the choice of your class and the availability of a mount. In general, however, you can assume the following duration for a level boost.

[icon name=”stopwatch” prefix=”fas”] Level 60 -70
  • With 60% Mount approx. 5-6 Days.
  • With 100% Mount approx. 4-5 Days.
[icon name=”stopwatch” prefix=”fas”] Level 58 -70
  • With 60% Mount approx. 6-8 Days.
  • With 100% Mount approx. 5-7 Days.
[icon name=”stopwatch” prefix=”fas”] Level 1 -70
  • With 60% Mount approx. 12-14 Days.
  • With 100% Mount approx. 10-12 Days.

All these numbers are only approximate estimates. Normally, we finish the boost already before the given times.



How long does it take from 60-70 in TBC?
If you decide to get a WoW the Buring Crusade (TBC) level boost at CoinLooting, we can get your character to level 70 in 4-6 days. However, if you level yourself, this can take a very long time. For example, if you play 4-5 hours every day, it will take 2-3 weeks to level 70.
Is the TBC leveling faster than in Classic?
Yes, in WoW TBC you level up much faster than in Classic. To be exact, you get about 30% more experience. Thus, you also reach the end level faster.
Is the WoW TBC Classic Level Boost safe?
We promise you that our boosting service is as safe as possible. All boosters have to undergo a strict selection process beforehand. We also use a private VPN from your country. We also completely avoid the use of software to speed up the process. However, we and other boosters cannot give you a guarantee.


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    schneller als gedacht, danke

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    Haben direkt mit dem Boosting angefangen! Einfach ein Traum

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    Das ging aber schnell… vielen Dank

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