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The Achievement Glory of the Hero is probably one of the most difficult achievements in all of WoW WotLK Classic. However, the reward you get for it is even better. So, if you want to be the proud owner of the Rein of the Red Protodragon mount, buy the WotLK Classic Glory of the Hero Boost today.

Glory of the Hero Achievement Boost for WoW WotLK Classic – Unlock Reins of the Red Proto-Drake Mount

The achievement Glory of the Hero was first introduced in WotLK (Wrath of the Lich King) and has been an important part of every expansion since then. For this achievement, you’ll have to complete a wide variety of other achievements from a large number of different dungeons. The unique thing about it is that you can only get this achievement during the current expansion (i.e. WotLK). This is no longer possible later on. As a reward, you can expect the unique mount Reins of the Red Proto-Drake as well as the achievement Glory of the Hero. The following criteria must be met to receive this achievement.

Achievements need to get Glory of the Hero

Emerald Void

Ruby Void

Make It Count

Experienced Drake Rider

 King's Bane

 My Girl Loves to Skadi All the Time

Lodi Dodi We Loves the Skadi

 The Incredible Hulk


 The Culling of Time

Shatter Resistant

Lightning Struck

 Timely Death

Abuse the Ooze

Brann Spankin' New

Good Grief

Snakes. Why'd It Have To Be Snakes?

What the Eck?

A Void Dance




 Oh Novos!

Better Off Dred

Consumption Junction

Volunteer Work

Respect Your Elders

Volazj's Quick Demise

Gotta Go!

Hadronox Denied

 Watch Him Die

Intense Cold

Split Personality

On The Rocks

Only after you have completed the achievements listed above, you will receive the mount as a reward. In summary, it is necessary to obtain all achievements in all WotLK dungeons. For example, for the Ruby Void achievement, your team must not use a Ruby Dragon to defeat the boss Eregos on Heroic. So, this is almost impossible without an organized group of well-chosen players. This is also the reason why the mount will be so much sought after but also very rare. However, if you still want to have the reins of the red protodragon, you can buy the Glory of the Hero Boost for WoW WotLK Classic on CoinLooting. With our support, your character will get the rare achievement Glory of the Hero.

Why should I choose CoinLooting for this Reins of the Red Proto-Drake Mount Boost in WotLK?

Compared to many other sites, we have our own boosters working for us. So we know exactly who is doing the boosting for you. Also, we only hire experienced players who know exactly what they have to do. Also, we are always available for your questions in the live chat. So, if you decide to get a WotLK Classic Glory of the Hero boost now, CoinLooting is the best choice for it.

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Before we can start with the actual Glory of the Hero Boost or Reins of the Red Proto-Drake Mount Boost for WotLK Classic we need some information from you. To do this, select your region and server. Then fill in all other mandatory fields. Please note that we can only offer this boost via account sharing.

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After you place your order, we will start preparing for your boost. We will then contact you by email with further information. For any further questions about boosting, we are available via the live chat function.

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After the boost is completed, you will receive another confirmation email from us. After that you can log back into your account and enjoy the benefits of your boost and finally fly on your red protodrake.



For the WotLK Classic Glory of the Hero Boost and to receive the Mount Reins of the Red Proto-Drake, your character must be at level 80. Furthermore, no other requirements are expected.


How do I get the Mount Reins of the Red Proto-Drake?
To get the red Proto-Drake in WotLK Classic, the Glory of the Hero achievement is necessary. For this, other various achievements from different heroic and normal dungeons are needed. After this achievement is obtained, the mount will be sent to you by mail.
How long does the Glory of the Hero Boost take for WotLK Classic?
This depends on which phase you buy this boost. In the later phases it is much easier to get this achievement. At the beginning, the process may take a little longer.
Can I keep the gear that drops during boosts?
Yes, this boost gives you the advantage of keeping all the gear that drops during the boost. With you get not only the achievement Glory of the Hero Boost in WotLK but also additional equipment and weapons from the dungeons.