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Buy cheap Diablo 2 Resurrected OHM Rune for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, PS5, PC and Ladder

Are you tired of farming and want to buy D2 Ohm Rune? Do you also want to stop spending time farming forever? Then we have the right solution for your problem. Therefore, we offer you cheap Diablo 2 OHM Rune for Xbox, PS5, Nintendo and PC. You can buy Ohm Rune for Diablo 2 Ladder with just a few clicks. Don’t waste any more time now and use the time wisely. We offer on all EU and US servers Ohm runes for Diablo2.

What can I expect when I buy OHM Rune for D2 EU or US servers?

  • By Hand farmed IST Runes for Diablo Ladder
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For what can I spend the OHM Rune in Diablo2?

You’re tired of farming runes in Diablo 2? We understand you all too well! Do not worry, farming has now come to an end. Once you sock the OHM Rune in D2 into the right item, they will transfer their stats and you will benefit from it.

Here is a table of the OHM Rune Stats:



Clvl Required


+50% Damage

+5 to Max. Resist Cold


2x Vex + Smaragd

Also you can create the following Runewords with the OHM Rune:

Because of the bonus damage of the Rune stats, it makes sense to equip the best weapon here. If you after shields or the Defense Stat, you should also make sure, that you find the best Armor. Also the OHM Rune can use for some very popular rune words such as Chaos or Faith. Thus, it is a very sought-after rune especially for melee fighters like the Barbarian or Assasin.

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