Aion Classic – back to the original version

Have you enjoyed playing Aion before? And you would like to have the old times back again? We have good news for you. The new Aion Classic servers are out and you can finally play Aion on the original version. But what exactly is Aion Classic and how does it differ from the other versions? We will clarify these and other questions for you.

The game Aion was developed by the Korean developer NCSoft and was released in 2009. It is a popular MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), which was especially popular in Europe and Asia. The game Aion Classic is based on that first version of the game. The American servers were opened in June 2021. Since then, the publisher has been able to achieve great success with the “vanilla version”. However, additional new European servers are now to go online from the beginning of 2023. These are permanent servers. There are also two versions of the game. The free variant and the Siels Aura subscription. In the paid version of Aion Classic, you get an EXP buff, Abyss Points, and you can also learn gathering professions.

Aion Classic Vanilla originalserver

The best Aion Classic of all time

All Classic EU servers will start with the update 2.0. There are only Fresh-Start servers, where all players start at the same level. The maximum level is set to 55. You can expect a lot of PvP and PvE content, which you can play alone or with other players. The developers have also already announced numerous updates. These offer you more game content, new classes and also new dungeons. Thus, Aion Classic is constantly being developed further and the feedback from the community is also being listened to.

Changes for the EU Server

With the release of the EU servers for Aion Classic, more numerous contents will be released. The developers have learned from their mistakes and have taken the community’s feedback into account for the EU release. Thus, various quality of life changes that were already missed in the US release will be present in the new EU servers from the beginning. Everything else will be noted in the patch notes.

Who might enjoy Aion Classic?

This great game excites not only old veterans, but also many numerous new players. In direct comparison to the retail version, the Classic version is much more beginner-friendly. At the beginning, every player has a choice of four different classes. These classes are significantly easier to master than in the current Aion retail version. In addition, players are also not flooded with numerous professions and other features. Another big difference is that Aion Classic feels like a traditional MMORPG from the early 2000s. The UI is minimalistic and clear and the general game speed is slower than in current MMOs. Also, because of Aion’s huge game world, this game often feels empty. This is completely different in Aion Classic. The game world isn’t that big and therefore you’ll also meet other players while questing, farming Kinah or doing other activities in the open world.

Aion Classic Vanilla


Is Aion Classic free to play?

There is a free version, but it has some limitations. Nevertheless, you can level up your character to the maximum level of 55. However, if you want to enjoy the game to the fullest, you have to buy a monthly subscription. You can choose between 3, 30 and 90 days of gameplay. The game time of 30 days costs $9.99.

When will Aion Classic be released in Europe?

Gameforge has officially confirmed that the Europa Classic servers will be released in early 2023. It is possible that the release date will be in March or April. These will be fresh-start EU servers, where every player will start from scratch. Thus, all players will have the same conditions at the beginning.

What is the maximum level in Aion Classic?

Like the original servers in patch 2.0, players will be able to play up to level 55. Level 55 is therefore the maximum level that can be reached. After that, you will get access to the PvP and PvE end content.