WoW Classic Season of Discovery (SoD)

On November 30, 2023, the new WoW Classic Season of Discovery (SoD) will finally start. This new Season of Discovery was first announced at Blizzcon 2023 and was celebrated by World of Warcraft fans around the world. But what makes this new season so special and why could this server be seen as a kind of test for a permanent Classic Plus server? This and other useful information about the new WoW Classic SoD server will be discussed in more detail in the following.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery SoD

Major changes in Season of Discovery

Unlike the ERA servers, where no changes were wanted, the new WoW Classic SoD servers will be different. As the name of the new server suggests, players will discover new adventures in the old game universe of World of Warcraft Classic. The classes will also get new abilities, which can be learned through class-specific runes. New dungeons and completely new raids as well as new PvP battlegrounds are also expected.

Leveling Phasen in Season of Discovery

One of the major changes will be the different leveling phases. These can be categorized into four different phases. Each phase will have its own level cap as well as different level raids and events.

  • Phase 1 – maximum level: 25
  • Phase 2 – maximum level: 40
  • Phase 3 – maximum level: 50
  • Phase 4- maximum level: 60

The well-known raid “Blackfathom Deeps” will also be available in the first phase. In addition, PvP players can also enjoy an event in Ashenvale.

The class-specific runes in Season of Discovery

Besides a new maximum level, new abilities will also be implemented, which can change the play style of the individual classes completely. With the help of these runes, the play style of the individual classes can change dramatically. For example, rogues, warlocks and shamans will also be able to play as tanks. Mages can also finally be used as healers. Players will therefore be able to find their very own playing style. At the beginning of phase 1, it would only be possible to use three runes at the same time. As the name of the season suggests, these runes must first be ” discovered”. Runes can be discovered in the Season of Discovery in WoW Classic through chests, quests or other hidden secrets in the game world. However, these runes cannot be exchanged for gold in SoD.

PvP in WoW Season of Discovery

PvP players will also see some major changes. The developers at Blizzard have already confirmed that, in addition to the PvP event in Ashenvale, further events for each phase will follow in the future.

The event in Ashenvale is an open-world PvP event. Both the Horde and Alliance sides will have different camps that need to be defended or captured. During the battle in Ashenvale, players will gain reputation. This reputation can then be exchanged at the vendor for rewards such as an exclusive mount or other useful items. PvP players of WoW Classic Season of Discovery (SoD) should therefore also get what they want.

Is the Season of Discovery the long-awaited WoW Classic Plus?

Many players were waiting for the announcement of a Classic Plus server at Blizzcon 2023. But what they got was a new seasonal server called “Season of Discovery”. However, this temporary server could serve as a kind of test server for the future permanent Classic Plus server. Many players are already discussing in the official World of Warcraft forum as well as in social media such as Reddit and Co. whether SoD is really a Classic Plus server or not. Because the basic game is the same. There are no new zones or new classes. Only new abilities, raids and events are expected. However, Blizzard itself has not confirmed whether this is only a test server for the future Classic Plus server.