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Welcome to CoinLooting. We offer you many different boost and carries offers for Destiny 2, so if you want to buy cheap boosting or items for Destiny 2, then you are at the right place. Are you wondering what Destiny 2 is or do you just want to get more information about this game? We will explain exactly this and much more in the following section

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The game Destiny 2

The game Destiny 2 is free to play and available on both PC and console. It was developed in 2019 by the developer Bungie, who is known for games like Halo. Destiny 2 is an online sci-fi shooter from the first-person point of view. The thing that makes it so special is that it combines the elements of an online role-playing game with those of a first-person shooter so well. As a player, you take on the role of a warrior who protects the last city on Earth. Besides, you can expect both PvE actions, in which you’ll have to complete different missions, and PvP actions against other players.

The PvE and battles in Destiny 2

If you are a fan of PvE, then Destiny 2 will offer you a lot. It doesn’t matter if you choose the story missions, which you can do either alone or in a group of up to three players. These are the campaign missions. If you can’t find a group, we offer the possibility of a Destiny 2 Boosting & Carries. Likewise, there are different raids in Destiny 2. There are also numerous public events spread all over the map. Likewise, you will also be able to fight in numerous dungeons in Destiny 2. There you can also get more special items in Destiny 2. Especially the quests are an important part in this game. New sections of the map must be unlocked through quests. Since not every player loves questing, there are also various boost options for Destiny 2.

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The Player versus Player (PvP) battle

However, if you don’t like PvE and prefer to play PvP, Destiny 2 is also the right game for you. There are two different modes, which we will discuss in more detail.


With the Forsaken expansion, the new PvP mode Gambit was introduced. This is a good mix between PvE elements and PvP battles. Here you have to summon a Primeval Boss with your team. Likewise, the goal is for you to kill the enemy boss. If you and your team defeat the boss first, you win. However, this can be a real challenge for you and your team. Since especially rare and also coveted items and special loot drop in the gambit, every team strives to win the battle. For this reason, you can also buy a Boosting & Items for Destiny 2 from us. You can also buy weapons for Destiny 2 right here.


In the Crucible you fight against other opponents in a kind of arena.  The balancing is also very important. You only play against opponents who have about the same skill level as you. There are also six different modes to choose from. There’s Control mode, for example, where you play in a team of six players against another six players and control of a combat zone. In the Battle mode, you compete in a team of three players. Here, the principle of “Last Man Standing” applies and you and your team win when you have eliminated all opponents. So, if you feel like pure PvP, you should play the Crucible mode. Do you need help or just a boost for Destiny 2? We offer you all of this. Also a Destiny 2 Glory Rank Boost at a great price.

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Why buy Destiny 2 Boosting, Items & Carries?

Are you new to Destiny 2 or just can’t find the right groups and don’t have the time? Then you can easily and conveniently buy Boost & Carries for Destiny 2. This way you save your time. Also, you will always get the latest and best items for each new Destiny 2 Season. Especially for new DLC’s it makes sense to find a group from the beginning. If you do not do this, it will not be so easy in the later course of the game. So, in summary, it’s worth it for those players who can’t play for several hours every day, but still want to participate in the final content. If you also have exactly this problem, then you’ve come to the right place.

Destiny 2 Boosting & Item FAQ

Is Destiny 2 free to play?
Yes Destiny 2 is now completely free. The base game and two additional DLCs can be played completely free to play. Newer expansions like “The Witch Queen” or “Beyond the Light” can be bought for real money in the store.
Is Destiny 2 still being played?
The answer is clearly yes! It is still an excellent game. The developers at Bungie also regularly release updates for the game.
Is the game pay to win?
We don’t see how you can get an advantage in Destiny 2 with real money. You can only buy new DLCs. By doing so, the maximum level will be increased and you will also be able to find new and better items. This is the only way that the game can still continue. For this reason we say clearly, no it is not pay to win.
Do I need to worry about account suspension?
Since the security of your accounts is very important to us, all our Destiny 2 boosters will exclusively use VPN for account share boosting.  Also, no banned software will be used. Thus, we reduce the risk of a ban to a minimum.
Can I also book other boosts that are not shown here?
Yes that is not a problem. We can fulfill almost all wishes of our customers. If you have a special wish, then just ask us beforehand in the chat or also gladly by e-mail. We will find the right solution for you.