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Do you like playing EVE and need ISK or Items? ISK gives you the opportunity to gain access to a variety of items. You can finally buy the ships you’ve always wanted. But what exactly is EVE Online and what possibilities do I have with the ISK (Shop) or the Items in the game?


Information about the game EVE Online

EVE online is a game from the developer CCP Games. Also, it takes place in space. It is a SciFI game with a focus on a space flight simulation. The player will enjoy a great 3D combat experience, as the game is one of the best flight simulation games in space. Furthermore, this is a massively multiplayer online game, also called MMO.

This game is completely free, which is why it is so popular among gamers. 87% of all Google users liked this game a lot and played for a longer time. The game itself is already fantastic as a free version, but if you play on top of that with more ISK, you will definitely experience a great surprise. For this reason, you can buy EVE Online ISK to unleash the full potential of the game.

Different races in EVE

In EVE Online there are four different and also playable races to choose from.

  • Amarr
    They rule over the largest empire in the galaxies. Also, they are very connected to their religion and their god. They gained their wealth (ISK) by trading slaves in EVE. The Amarr people are therefore a very influential and strong people.
  • Caldari
    The Caldari state is a strong military power that respects the traditions. They are also very skilled in trade and have very influential and powerful corporations that they control.
  • Gallente
    Is a very highly evolved race, which follows the approach of democracy. Thus, they are the only ones in the universe of EVE. Unlike the Amarr, they do not believe in trading slaves and condemn it.
  • Minmatar
    Minimatar is an independent replublic. It is led by different tribes. Some of them were also taken as slaves by the Amarr in the past.

Each people are therefore quite different and not like the others. So, make a wise decision, because once you join a race, you can’t change it.

EVE Online ISK

Ships and their feature

A ship is the means of transportation in EVE. With it you can travel to other galaxies, fight battles, mine resources or provide logistical services. Therefore, it is also particularly important to have a good ship in possession. There are different types of ships, all of which have their own advantages. For example, battleships are especially good for attacking and destroying enemy ships. Frigates, on the other hand, are small and very fast ships. They are perfect for exploring new areas or transporting goods in a short time.

You can unlock the ships or Items through missions or obtain them through the Shop with ISK in EVE Online. Besides, you can further modify and upgrade your ships. This will make them stronger and give them better stats.

EVE Online currencies (ISK and Plex Shop)

In EVE Online there are two different currencies. These are ISK and Plex.

You can only farm the ISK currency in EVE by completing missions, mining and trading various items. But you can’t buy it directly from the EVE Online Shop. However, the ISK can be exchanged in Plex in EVE. The exchange rate fluctuates every day and ranges between 1.29 billion and 3.2 billion ISK.

On the other hand, the currency Plex can also be purchased with real money from the store. In this case 240 Plex cost about 9,99€/$. You can also exchange your Plex for ISK, game time or Omega. Omega status offers you numerous ships and various new skills that you can unlock with it. So, it’s a “premium version” of the game that gives you more options. You can also get skillpoints with different items. The Large Skill Injector in EVE Online can be very useful for this.


A large open world

If you are familiar with many different servers and regions, you will look for them in vain in EVE Online. There is only one large server here, on which all players are located. So, everyone is in the same galaxy. This consists of over 8000 different planets to explore. Such an open and huge world, however, can make you feel a bit alone. Therefore, it is even more exciting when you meet another ship or discover a base station of another player. Not everyone is friendly to you, though. For this reason, it is even more important to have a good ship. If you are attacked, your resources and your ISK in EVE can also be looted.

Also, unlike in all other MMO’s, you must first go through an application process to enter the Universe of EVE. So, in short, a risk analysis is performed. This ensures that you do not negatively harm the game. So, not every player will be able to enjoy this game.

Further information

Besides, you can download the game for free by visiting the official website. If you want to have the premium version, you can buy it for only 14.95 USD/month. A 10-month license costs only 10.95 USD/month. The memory requirement is just 4 GB or more.

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