Star Citizen, an epic space MMO

Have you heard about the game Star Citizen? It is a unique game that takes place in deep space. The player has different options here and can focus on both the single-player campaign or the online mode. But what exactly is Star Citizen and what makes this game so special? We will clarify these and other questions.

The game has been in development since 2011 and is produced by the publisher Cloud Imperium Games. This is an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Onine) first person game, which is set in space. The player can expect different worlds, epic space battles and an enormously large game world to explore.

CoinLooting Star Citizen

The various modules

There are various game modes waiting for you in Star Citizen. They offer you different tasks and exciting new worlds. The first module is called “Hangar”. Here, the player is allowed to take a first look at the epic game by viewing your own ship in a hangar for the first time. The “Arena Commander” module allowed players to fly their ships for the first time in a space simulation. However, this module is only for practice and testing purposes, as new ships can be experimented with here. Another module that is used for testing purposes is “Star Marine”. This is a combat simulation from the first person view. Currently, there are still two modules in development, which will probably be released before the game is released.

Build your own spaceships and the economic system in Star Citizen

Space ships belong in the game Star Citizen and are essential. After all, how else can you get around in space? They serve not just as a means of transport to get you from one point to another, but also as your character’s home. The special thing about this aspect is that you can build your very own ship. A large selection of different components is available for this purpose. This ensures that each player has a unique ship and not a boring copy of numerous other ships. These ships are used in Star Citizen to complete missions, transport goods, launch attacks or for defense. There are also different types of ships, which differ in the purpose they are used for. Besides, each ship can be equipped with numerous weapons or retaliations.

Besides the impressive possibilities of numerous customizations of the ships, the economic system is at least as impressive and unique. The economic system is not controlled by the players as in other MMOs, but by NPCs. These simulate various actions such as trading weapons for aUEC in Star Citizen. The real players, on the other hand, only make up about 10% and thus cannot drastically influence the economy. Here, the focus is not on loot from various bosses, but on crafting your own items. This makes Star Citizen a unique game that has never been seen before.

Star Citizen MMO

An open game world with a lot to discover

It is up to each player to decide where the journey will take them. This is made possible by a completely open game world. You can travel to different planets and discover them. Even on the planet itself, there are no limits. Some planets have complex underground tunnels and bases. So the urge to explore is limitless and invites every player to explore. In the future, more planets will be added and the player will be offered more possibilities.

What does the gameplay of Star Citizen look like?

In Star Citizen, you can expect many different tasks that you can complete while playing the game. We have summarized some of them for you, so that you can get a better idea of the gameplay.

Assignments are different missions that you can complete. These can be simple delivery missions or harder mercenary missions where you have to take down a boss.

When mining, you can collect different raw materials. These resources can then be exchanged for in-game money or used to upgrade spaceships.

Exploring different planets is a big and important part of the game. Various valuable items can also be found on the exploration tour.

PvP battles are also planned. There several players will be able to compete against each other. Either in the air with your spaceships or on land.

The game Star Citizen offers a lot of variety and different ways to pass the time. Through all these possibilities, this game is also only very rarely boring, because the player always has something to do.

Star Ciziten Space MMO


Is Star Citizen free to play?

Currently (as of 03/07/2023), the game is not yet free to play. However, this is supposed to change with patch 3.18 in March 2023. From then on, the game will be free-to-play and will only be financed through in-game purchases. However, it is questionable whether the game will remain free after the official release.

How much does Star Citizen cost?

Although the game is still in alpha, the developers still used a paid model. The cheapest package starts at 45 USD. In addition, the buyer gets a spaceship with pretty good equipment. Other larger packages are also available, but they are not mandatory to play the game.

When is the release of Star Citizen?

So far, there is no concrete release date. However, the game developers from Cloud Imperium Games have confirmed that 2027 is the tentative release date. So fans will have to be patient until this huge project is finally finished.