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Metin2 is made by “Webzen Games” and released in Korea in 2004. This game is released in many Europeans and the United States by “Gameforge 4d GmbH” and its Asian version has many languages. It’s up to your country and language. Many players claim that it’s the best MMO game ever. A MMO is a massively multiplayer battle royal. Millions of players play this game to feel the concept of virtuality. This game is totally free to play. For the best user experience, you have to buy Metin2 yang or we can say that you have to buy metin2 yang to get better in the game. Here you can get Metin2 Yang & Won for a very cheap price.

Metin2 Yang & Won

The world is joined as one landmass were three groups war for incomparability. Browse one of five classes and swear your allegiance to one of the three countries, battling different players for control of the rambling scene. Each class, less the Lycan, can work in one of two subclasses, further refining your play style. Connect with foe player in open-world PvP, challenge companions to a duel, or decide to show your eagerness to battle to anybody on the planet.

Unique Battle Royale

A unique battle framework lets players pick between a conventional mouse arrangement or effectively participate in battle by moving around adversaries, effectively controlling assaults. To upgrade your experience and praise your ongoing interaction, you can get metin2 yang or won from our rundown of legitimate merchants here at CoinLooting in a safe secure condition and at modest rates.

Battle for sheer endurance as a warrior, shaman, ninja, wolfman, or Sura. To assist you with expanding your odds against tons of undead swarms, make a point to get your fill of Metin2 Yang. CoinLooting has all the trustworthy online merchants in our inclining to assist you with raising or sell Metin 2 currency.

The currency of this game is mainly termed as yang and it is used to purchase special supplies available in your in-game lobby. This is very much required to gain a good experience and unlock excellent experience in your game. You can get all the things with yang.

What makes the gameplay so unique?

Experience focuses are earned each time the player kills foes or finishes a crucial a NPC. The game’s battle depends on a Hack and cut framework. Players can likewise assemble gatherings of animals and land fundamental assaults and abilities on every last one of them at the same time while they are on the whole assaulting the character simultaneously.

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Metin 2 Yang and Won

Some Unique Features

Four Classes | Choose from the Assassin, Sura, Warrior, and Mage classes, every one of which has two of its own sub-specializations.

Dynamic Battle System | Attack a few beasts inside your weapon’s scope on the double with Metin 2’s battle framework.

War of Nations | Become some portion of one of Metin2  three realms and battle for your country against different players.

Society Features | Create an organization, take part in society fights, and fabricate your own Guild House.

Polymorph System | Transform into a bear, wolf, or different animals and addition uncommon capacities.

Basics about gameplay

The gameplay fills in as follows, there are three realms in which every player online may join and become some portion of that realm and take part in what is known as a national war.

There is a war between the three realms and it’s unavoidable. They should battle for the restricted assets so as to endure. In Metin2 you will have the option to battle against different players from various realms in the National War. So as to acquire a definitive triumph, the realm must have a savvy head, and players from that realm need to help out one another during the national war. The triumphant realm picks up ownership of cash and land. You will pick up Glory and Honour just as procure a higher military positioning.

Metin2 offers players with four classes of characters, which are SURA, MAGE, WARRIOR, and ASSASSIN. Every one of these character types has 2 powers which are sets of abilities each character can have. Each class of character additionally has a wide of weapons and they contrast from different classes of characters. Character advancement depends on gathering experience focuses and status focuses. Status focuses are utilized to create aptitudes while experience permits the character to step up.

Why you need to buy Metin yang

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Reviews on Steam

Steam is the biggest platform where you can buy all the games which are not simply available on the market or on the whole internet at a very affordable price. This game has 6/10 total rating available on steam which is quite good and this game is also a very special one.

Reviews on Google

This game is liked by a total of 85% of Google users which is excellent and played by more than millions of people. More than 65% of total people bought Metin 2 yang to make him/her gameplay super extraordinary. You can also get cheap Metin2 Yang here.

Reviews on MMORPG

On MMORPG this game has total stars of 6.8/10. This game has a lot of reviews because this game doesn’t require a good processor pc. You can play this game on your pc with low graphics.

Where to Download This Game

Well! We have good news for you. This game is absolutely free to play. Just simply download this game on your computer instantly without buying it. You can download the game on the Game Forge-Website

Similarity or Alternatives

This game has many alternatives such as Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, Diablo, sacred, Aion, Stendhal, and many more. There is various Massively Multiplayer Online game.

Multiplayer or Single Player

This game is a single-player game. This can only be played by a single player to unlock all the quests and clear all the stages.


You can watch the gameplay of this game directly on twitch or if you prefer YouTube more than you can also watch it on YouTube. This game has 304k followers on twitch.

Missions in This Game

This game containing a lot of quests. Quests are the missions of this game. There are various quests. The first one is LYCAN STARTING QUEST that is level 0. The last quest or the last stage of this game is level 105. It means you can play this game for a long time because 105 levels are not easy to be completed by simply. Without Metin yang this game is incomplete, so you must first get yang and won from our website CoinLooting.


This game has various mods. If you want to drop an additional element in this game then you have to simply download the mod version of this game and drop it to the folder of this game. MOD is the extra elements you want to add as an addon on any of the games.

Metin2 Yang

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