Escape from Tarkov (EFT) Roubles

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But what exactly is Escape from Tarkov (EFT) and what makes it so special? We will explain this in more detail in the following section.

EFT Roubles

About the Game EFT

EFT is a very realistic hardcore online action game with RPG and MMO features. Early access to the beta was released in 2018. Currently, the game is still in beta and is constantly being improved. That’s why there are also whole server wipes, where players have to start completely from scratch.

The game has many similarities with DayZ or even Arma. However, the player does not play in a permanently existing world like in the survival competitor, but the players go on various raids. During these, they are exposed to dangers and can lose everything at any time. If you are struck down by an enemy, you can lose everything you have with you. This makes the game feel very different from other shooters. Here you have to play carefully and can’t rush into battle unprepared. Besides, Escape from Tarkov is a very realistic game. For example, certain weapons have a stronger recoil than others, or you have to take care of food and drink. Likewise, Escape from Tarkov (EFT) has its very own currency system with roubles and dollars. So, if you like a challenge, EFT is the game for you.

EFT Roubles & Bitcoin


The raids consist of five to 15 square kilometre areas. Here the players search for new weapons, items and equipment. To secure the loot, players must come out through an objective point. In order to not make things too easy for the players, AI-controlled enemies and enemy players run all over the game world. Players have the choice here to ally with the others or fight against them. The player’s challenge is to get out of the raid as unscathed as possible. If a player dies, he loses all the equipment he took into the raid. However, additional equipment can also be Roubles in FLEA Market in EFT.

The Russian-speaking developers of the game Escape from Tarkov create realistic combat. Any on-screen displays of the player are therefore reduced to a minimum. Any weapons in the game have been optimized by the developers to resemble reality. In addition, there are constantly changing weather and lighting conditions, which should cause additional difficulties for the player. As in real life, the character has to eat and drink regularly in order not to starve. Injuries also resemble reality and have to be taken care of quickly.

EFT Roubles

Battle Royale

The elements of survival combat make up the vast majority of the most popular games today. Whether it’s a battle royale or a builder’s paradise, surviving – and evolving – in a hostile environment gives us players some of our best moments. This is the fundamental premise that ties Escape from Tarkov’s diverse elements into a cohesive, masterful whole. Players looking for a dangerous, realistic, post-apocalyptic landscape with a compelling atmosphere and story would do well to walk the alleys of Norvinsk’s devastated streets.

Once an exclusive economic zone connecting Russia with Europe, Norvinsk is now a torn region compared to its former self. There, oppression and the power of the strongest reign. While the battle lines are constantly shifting, no group seems to be able to gain the upper hand over the others. Players can join with others in massive raids to try to shift the balance. Or they can engage in smaller solo missions. Due to the chaotic nature of the game world, loyalties can change in a very short time, and today’s enemy could be tomorrow’s friend.

Escape from Tarkov Rouble

The goal of Escape from Tarkov Raids

The goal is not only to survive and thrive but to overcome any and all challenges. Balancing the need for self-preservation and working with a group becomes the driving force behind most in-game actions. In addition to this, players will get to uncover lore about the game world and explore new, uncharted areas in search of weapons that can help give them the upper hand over rivals.

Combat is both immersive and realistic, with a significant emphasis on real-world movements and outcomes. Capitalizing on both strategic and simulation strengths, Escape from Tarkov uses a cinematic approach to unveil the game’s world that leaves the player wanting to know more about what is going on in this old world of violence and fear.

EFT Currency

In Escape from Tarkov there are many different currencies with different benefits. For example, there are NPC merchants that accept only one currency.

  • Roubles
    Can be sold to all merchants in EFT, except the Peacekeeper. Roubles can only be collected by looting and completing quests in EFT.
  • Dollar
    The good thing about the dollar is that you can both buy from and sell to the Peacekeeper. Also, through the quests of the Peacekeeper, Dollar can be farmed.
  • Euro
    The Euro can only be bought from the Skier. It can also be obtained through the Mechanic’s quests or through the Peacekeeper’s Operational Tasks.

There is also the digital currency in the game. This also has its own exchange rate, just like in reality, which also fluctuates. All currencies are quite coveted, since you can use them to buy weapons or improvements, for example. So, you don’t feel like farming by yourself anymore? Then you can safely and easily buy rubles for Escape from Tarkov here.

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