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In advance, here are some information about the free to play game Path of Exile.

Path of Exile is a free action game developed by Grinding Gear Games. You can play it on various platforms such as Play Station 4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox. This game has an excellent rating of 4.6 out of 5 in Google. In Path of Exile there are different leagues. A differentiation is made between standard, hardcore and the solo self-found League. Each league has their own rules. After the end of each Season League, the characters are no longer playable.

PoE curreny

Maps & Mobile-Version

In the game there are a total of 32 unique maps. On each map you can find different unique weapons and armor. So, the developers can also offer you as a player a lot of variety.

The mobile version is still under development. The Grinding Gear team, is responsible for the development. At the developer’s own convention (Exile Con), the mobile version was already playable. The developers are taking their time with the release, as the quality should not suffer. Currently, however, there is no exact release date for PoE Mobile. However, the year 2022 is set for the release. Also in the mobile version of PoE, you will be able to buy currency, weapons and armor.

Game reviews

PoE has received the best rating of 9/10 on the platform Steam. It was rated “BEST GAME OF 2013” by the players. Especially the multiplayer mode has contributed to this rating. So you can play with more friends, which is of course more fun than playing alone.

The different weapons

This game includes many different weapons such as scepters, maces, axes, swords, bows, claws, daggers, staffs, wands, fishing poles and many more. There are also very rare items that have a very high value. Such rare weapons and items are especially sought after in the Hardcore Leagues in PoE. Each weapon has different weapon stats. Thus, there are particularly good weapon for melee fighters but also for long-range fighters.

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Gameplay Path of Exile

Similar to other action role-playing games such as Diablo 3, in PoE you’ll also have to defeat countless enemies. They will drop rare weapons or other items that will make you stronger and stronger. Among the rarest and strongest items are the Headhunter Belt and the Mirror of Kalandra. These two items are the most sought-after items in the game.

In the beginning you start on an island and start with the act called “The Awakening”. Right from the start, you are on your own and have to fight your way out. Once you finally reach level 2 and have raised your weapons, you are allowed to leave the island. From then on, your hero’s adventure on the continent of Wraeclast begins. Here you will have to defeat various opponents that are waiting for you.

By killing enemies and completing quests, your character’s level will increase. As you level up, you gain passive abilities that improve your offensive or defensive skills. With the different currency in the game, you can create various high-end armors. When you defeat the bosses of Path of Exile, you will receive parts from a collection of item sets. These can change your abilities or give you cosmetic effects.

What classes can I play in Path of Exile?

There are several archetypes you can choose from. The Marauder, for example, is good at dealing damage. He is good at dealing great physical damage with weapons like axes or maces. If you prefer to use spells instead, the Witch class is recommended. You start with high intelligence but low strength and agility. As you level up, your stats will be adjusted. This way you can focus on casting spells or fighting. The decision is entirely up to you. Another base class is the Ranger, who does a lot of elemental damage with his bow and arrow.

The Duelist is also a good choice for those who want to use more than one attack at a time. He has high strength and agility. Unfortunately, however, a low intelligence and only average health points. If you choose the duelist, you’ll have to rely on both physical and elemental attacks. At the same time, your skills with weapons like swords or axes are unsurpassed. If you’ve ever played a Diablo game, you probably know the three main attributes. These include strength, agility, and intelligence. Each class has different stats at the beginning. So you can’t just pick what you like. You have to choose a class that matches your playstyle.

When you finally reach level 10, you will be granted access to the ascendancy classes. You can choose from three main classes (Marauder, Witch or Ranger).After you complete the quests for each different subclass, you’ll receive one to all attribute as a reward. This is specific to each of the respective subclasses. For example, if you have completed the Berserker quest, you will get access to the Berserker Rage. This powerful spell increases your attack and movement speed by 50%. However, it will consume all your mana. So use this spell wisely.

PoE trade currency

How does the PoE Currency work?

There are different types of in-game currency in Path of Exile: Exalted Orb and Chaos Orb are the default currency. You can farm these currencies yourself, but it takes a lot of time.

There are also many other currency you can use in PoE:

  • The normal in-game currency is used for trading between players. You can use it to get the items or equipment that you want. You can also use the orbs to upgrade your equipment with enhancements.
  • Crafting items are used to make weapons, armor pieces, and wands. With the right materials and recipes, you can use bullets to create high-quality equipment that is more lasting than average equipment
  • With the Orbs, you can randomly roll the stats of items. If you are looking for rare items with special abilities or strengths.
  • With an Orb of Corruptions you can turn a magic item into a rare version of it. This Orb does not work on unique items like amulets or rings, but it does work on equipment like armor and weapons. The Divine Orbs have a similar use.
  • There are also different currencies for each league.

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Dungeons in Path of Exile

The dungeons in PoE are different from traditional action role-playing games. That is because there are no random monsters or random dungeons in the game. All dungeons are designed by the developers down to the smallest detail. The dungeons are also not designed for quick leveling, but contain powerful bosses. These give you good rewards after you defeat them.

  • However, Path of Exile also has a dark side. These are the dungeons, which are filled with sadistic traps. These are designed to defeat you as a player. A good example of one of these traps is a room with two doors, one of which is safe and the other contains spikes. The spikes can jump out of the door and kill you on the spot. So you have to choose the right door.
  • There is also a lot of treasure and items in the dungeons, but more than 60 percent of the items in the dungeons are cursed. When you pick up a cursed item, it drains your life and mana. This will not stop until you remove it from your inventory. There are two ways to remove a curse. Either you can buy the Orb of Scouring (currency) from a merchant or farm it yourself. You can also trade a other currency in PoE for it.

Fishing in Path of Exile

It is possible to fish in Path of Exile. However, before you can start, you’ll have to get a fishing rod. You can get it by opening crates or by killing monsters. To increase your chances of catching fish, you can use a rot head talisman. This talisman increases your chance of a catch by 30-40%. These talisman can be trade for a other poe currency.

  • You can make the fishing rod by using a wood and iron ring. The manufacturing process takes four hours. Fishing requires patience, because you have to stay near the water for several minutes. During this process, a bar will indicate your progress. If you move, the catching progress is stopped and you have to start all over again. Thus, fishing can be very monotonous.

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Path of Exile FAQ

How long does the delivery take?
After over several hundreds of orders, there has never been a case of a customer being banned. So, you don’t have to worry, because the chance of a ban is very low. Since we also trade exclusively via “Face to Face” only with the exchange of an item, this makes it even safer. Do you still have concerns or questions about the delivery process? Then simply contact us in the live chat and we will assist you.
How safe is it to buy currency in PoE?
After over several hundreds of orders, there has never been a case of a customer being banned. For this reason, we consider the risk of being banned to be extremely low. Since we also trade exclusively via “Face to Face” only with the exchange of an item, this makes it even safer. Do you still have concerns or questions about the delivery process? Then simply contact us in the live chat and we will assist you.
Is Path of Exile free to play?
Yes, Path of Exile is completely free to play. This is the case for both the PC and the console version of PoE. However, there is a PoE store in the game. However, only cosmetic items can be purchased there, which do not give the player an advantage. Thus, PoE does not fall into the “pay-to-win” model. You don’t have to spend money in the PoE store either. So, this is optional.
On which platforms is Path of Exile available?

You can play PoE on these platforms:

  • PC (Microsoft Windwos)
  • Xbox One, Series X
  • Playstation 4, 5

You can also play PoE on next-gen consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X. The game state will not be lost. So you can continue playing on your new console with no worries.

Where to buy PoE Currency?
You can buy the PoE currency on various sites like CoinLooting. You will meet the in-game with the trader after just a few minutes and he will hand over the orbs to you. This is a simple and straightforward way to obtain PoE Currency.