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Buy WoW RBG Boost Wins now – get ready for World of Warcraft Shadowlands PvP

You would like to compete at the highest level in Rated Battlegrounds (PvP) WoW? However, you unfortunately do not have a group or even the time to get better? Then don’t worry anymore. For this reason we offer you the WoW RBG Boost for Shadowlands. So you can always get the best PvP gear with the Rated Battlegrounds boost. This will also give you the chance to be recognized by other players. So this offer is especially interesting for casual players who can’t play WoW all day. Therefore, they do not have a hardcore PvP guild that takes them.

In our team there are only professional PvP Boost with a lot of Rated Battlegrounds (RBG) experience in WoW. Thus, the chances of a win are much higher than in a group with random players. After you place your RBG Boost order, we will take care of it immediately. Once you have placed your order, please send us your account details via live chat or email. After that our colleagues will log into your account and start boosting. As soon as the order is completed, we will notify you again by e-mail. This way you are always up to date with your order.

After you buy the RBG Boost for WoW Shadowlands, you will get the following:

  • A fast RBG WoW boost
  • As well as professional services throughout the entire boost period
  • Also secure boosting without third party software (exclusively hand boosted)
  • No long waiting and response times
  • Also 24/7 customer premium support
  • Updates to your order in live chat are possible at any time
  • Your desired number of RBG Wins in WoW

Why would you take advantage of the Rated Battleground Boost for WoW ?

Everyone knows it. You are looking for a RBG group in WoW and can’t find one or they won’t take you. That’s why we know exactly how hard it can be to find a group for Rated Battlegrounds in WoW. For this reason we have decided to offer a Rated Battleground Boost. This way you can easily, safely and quickly participate in a RBG without the hassle of searching for groups. However, there are some requirements to fulfill, which you can read in the tab “Requirements”. If these are fulfilled, then nothing stands in the way of your Boost.

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The following requirements must be met by a purchase of WoW RBG Boost:

  • Character Level 60
  • Starting from a rating of 1500 you need the item level 190+
  • Starting from a rating of 1800 you need the item level 205+
  • Starting from a rating of 2000 you need the item level 210+
  • Starting from a rating of 2100 you need the item level 215+
  • Starting from a rating of 2400 you need the item level 215+

Otherwise, no further prerequisites are needed.



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