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Buy cheap Metin2 Yang now – Metin 2 Yang cheap & fast

Do you want to buy Metin2 Yang (Won) safely and quickly? Then we can tell you that you are at the right place! CoinLooting offers you the best services at the best prices for Metin2. Buy Yang now on all Metin2 servers! So here at CoinLooting you can buy as much Yang as you want! It is very easy and fast. Just choose your desired amount of Metin 2 Yang and follow the ordering process.

With our professional and special services, we offer you the best opportunity to shop for metin 2 yang. We will start processing your order immediately, just sit back and relax. CoinLooting team will take care of your purchase immediately. We will notify you by email after your yang order is completed. The Yang and Won will also be offered on the Metin2 servers Amber, Teutonia, Germania, Azrael, Italy, France and Portugal.

So if you need more services, you can always contact us in chat, we are always here for you!

You will get the following after you buy Metin2 Yang or Won:

  • Lightning-fast delivery
  • Fast and also professional services
  • Safe delivery method
  • No long waiting times
  • 24/7 Customer-Support

How do I get Yang?

There are many different ways to get Yang or even Won in Metin2. The first way is to “grind” monsters. You fight these monsters and then loot them. The higher the level of your opponents, the better the reward. However, this is also very time-consuming and can take a lot of time. Likewise, you should also quest, because you can also get a small bonus here. The easiest and fastest way is to buy the Yang or Won in Metin2. So you can do without farming completely.

Had enough of farming Yang (Won) in the game Metin 2?

Here on CoinLooting you can easily and safely buy Yang or Won very simple and safe, but without you having to farm Won yourself. These Yang will help you in the game as well. As in many other MMO’s, the in-game currency is very important for success in the game. So you have more of it and you can buy better armor, weapons or items. So, this way your character gets stronger and stronger. Especially in the game Metin2, Won and Yang are essential. Without them, you can’t improve your character.

Don’t waste time farming Metin2 Won Yang and buy it now here on CoinLooting.

Take a look at our top products like Metin2 Yang & Won below. Maybe you will find an offer you are looking for.


  Choose the desired quantity:

Choose the amount of Yang or Won you want to buy for Metin2. Please note that we deliver the Yang / Won through the store. Therefore, it will not be delivered face to face. After that, you can also choose your desired server.

  Complete order:

After we receive your order, we will be able to prepare it. We will meet on the CH3 of your Metin2 server. Please place a store in the middle of the bazaar map. Make sure that you sell the item for won and not for yang.


Then we will buy the item in a few minutes. Please contact us via live chat to find out if we are online and ready for delivery. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation by email.



Where can I buy cheap Metin2 Yang?
On the internet you can find many different sites where you can get some Yang. However, not all of them are equally good. Many use unsafe delivery methods or take a long time for delivery. At CoinLooting we promise you fast delivery and a good price. That’ s what sets us apart from our competitors. So if you want to buy Yang for your Metin2 server, CoinLooting is the best choice.
Why should I buy yang or won?
In Metin2, the currency Yang and Won is a very important component of the game. If you don’t have Yang, your character won’t get stronger. The Yang can be used to buy new weapons or improvements that will make you stronger. Therefore, you have the possibility to farm the Yang yourself for hours, or to buy it.
On which servers do you offer the Yang?

Currently you can buy Metin2 Yang and Won on the following servers:

  • Emerald Aurora (West)
  • Emerald Aurion (East)
  • Azrael
  • Teutonia
  • Germania
  • Tigerghost
  • Europe
  • Felis
  • Hyperia
  • Luna
  • Polaris
  • Glacial
  • Ruby Chimera
  • Ruby Kirin
  • Carpathians
  • Polyphemos
  • Iberia (Portugal)
  • Espana
  • Italia
  • Romania
  • Țara Românească
  • Polska
  • Ελλάδα
  • Greece
  • Arabic
  • العالم_العربي
  • Česko
  • Magyarország
  • Private Server
  • P-Server: Solana
  • P-Server: Thor2
  • P-Server: Rodnia Ascension
  • P-Server: Zenit
  • P-Server: Rodnia Fame
  • P-Server: Rubinum
  • P-Server: Shiva
  • P-Server: Metin2009
  • P-Server: Aom
  • P-Server: Rodnia
  • P-Server: Azyrah
  • P-Server: Velor2
  • P-Server: Saphirus
  • P-Server: Origins Evo
  • P-Server: Mobile2
  • P-Server: Ashiro
  • P-Server: Zenaris
  • P-Server: Alderoth
  • P-Server: Celestial World

Is your server not listed? Then just write to us in the live chat.

How do you deliver the yang in Metin2?
We currently offer the shipping method “Shop”. You simply create a store on the CH3 of your server and put in an item for the desired amount. Then we will buy the item and you will receive your Yang or Won for your Metin2 server.
How soon will the yang be delivered after I order it?
After we receive your order, we will take care of it immediately. Please let us know when exactly you will be online for the delivery of the yang via live chat. Normally, you will receive your Yang in less than an hour after placing the order.



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