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You are a big fan of SWTOR and would like to get credits or are looking for a boost for your favorite Star Wars game? Then CoinLooting is the right place for you. Here you can get everything for the game Star Wars the Old Republic, whether credits, items or even Level Boost for SWTOR. But what exactly is SWTOR? In the following section we will explain it in more detail.

SWTOR Credits

What is SWTOR?

The game was published by Electronic Arts and developed by BioWare. BioWare is an exceptionally large game development company. They work for Electronic Arts and are responsible, among other things, for the creation of “SWTOR”, also known as Star Wars: The Old Republic. Currently it is one of the best MMO on the market, which offers a great virtual gaming experience. In addition, it also has incredibly realistic 3D graphics. The game features fabulously designed weapons, scenery, characters and much more. Star Wars TOR stands out with a rating of 4.5/5 and 95% of Google users think that it is an excellent game. In addition, the game is very popular because of its sword designs. Destroy powerful enemies and collect credits in Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR).

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a game that brings nostalgia, because many still remember it from their childhood. Therefore, for many, SWTOR is one of the best games on the MMO market. You can explore a huge world and compete with numerous players in PvP or arena battles. Even the PvE players will not miss anything here. There are large dungeons waiting for you and your friends. You have to fight these together in a team. There you can also obtain rare items or credits for SWTOR. But it is not easy to farm credits in Star Wars. For this reason, we offer them to you. Especially for players who don’t want to spend a lot of time farming, this is an attractive alternative. You can also choose between different boosts in SWTOR.

The various expansions of Star Wars

The first expansion (Rise of the Hutt Cartel) was released in 2013. For the first time it was possible to reach a new maximum level of 55. Another big change in this expansion was the new planet Makeb. This was followed by the expansion Galactic Starfighter. There, the multiplayer battles (Arena) were introduced for the first time. It was a free update for all players. The third expansion was Galactic Stronghold. Here especially the RP players got their money’s worth. It was now possible for the first time to build a Stronghold. SWTOR players have to pay a proud price of 5000 credits for their stronghold. This was followed by Shadow of Revan, Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eterbak Throne. With these three expansions, only the level cap was raised to 70. The newest expansion is Onslaught. Here the player can play up to level 75. However, if you don’t feel like leveling up at patch 7.0, you can opt for the boost in SWTOR.

Which faction should I choose in Star Wars?

There are two factions that compete against each other: The Alliance and the Sith. You can make your decision once you reach level 10. The Alliance is a group of rebels who have built a camp in the ruins of Alderaan. The Sith belong to the evil side. They are led by the dark Sith Lords.

Your mission in SWTOR

Your task is to fight the Sith and their spies. You are the last Jedi and your goal is to free the galaxy and defeat the Sith.

To accomplish your task, you’ll have to collect different types of weapons and build up corresponding abilities. You can also get new weapons in Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) with credits. You’ll always have to pay close attention to the enemy you have to fight, since some are harder than others. If you encounter someone much stronger than you, you should try to retreat to avoid getting hurt.

Abilities in SWTOR

Your skills are limited to level 32 and you must reach a maximum level of 50 before finishing the game. Once you reach these levels, you can continue your game with other players. However, if you don’t want to level up, you can also book a boost in SWTOR.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is something different from most role-playing games, because it tells a story that spans a long time and in which you yourself are the main character. It’s a new part of the Star Wars story, where Sith fight against Jedi and there can’t be a Jedi Knight yet.

Star Wars Credits

What classes can I play?

You can choose to play as an enhanced Jedi or Sith. As a Jedi you’ll have to master the Force, pick up lightsabers and collect weapons. Use your creativity when it comes to attacking your opponents. As a Sith, you can’t use any weapons other than lightsabers.

There are 8 playable classes in this game: 3 Imperial and 5 Republican. Each class has four specializations that determine what role you play in the battle to defeat the enemy.

Each class has its own unique abilities and skills. Your character gains more as you level up. There are also PvP challenges where you can test your combat skills against other players – your story unfolds as you travel through the galaxy. Not only will you meet memorable characters, but you’ll also be able to discover new weapons, customize them with different parts and colors, and use many other items in the game.

What’s so special about this game? It’s the first Star Wars MMO and it takes place more than 3,000 years before the movie Star Wars: A New Hope. You can choose between 8 classes and 4 different species: Humans, Twi’leks, Cyborgs and Zabraks. You can also choose whether you want to be male or female in the game.

Why is Star Wars The Old Republic such a popular game?

In Star Wars The Old Republic there is an incredibly detailed world to explore. Here you’ll meet many unique NPCs with whom you can team up. Great rewards await you in SWOTR, such as new weapons or even credits. You’ll also be able to participate in various PvP modes, where the rules are set by the party leader. There are some other things that make this game so great:

– Star Wars The Old Republic is set in a completely new part of the Star Wars universe. You’ll be able to discover weapons and locations that you’ve never seen in any other Star Wars movie or game.

– Your character’s choices have a great impact on how your journey continues. If you give someone money, they might betray you later. This makes the gameplay even more exciting.

– In SWTOR, you face challenging boss battles (Boost) that test your skills to their limits.

Various planets

The game has 11 iconic planets that you can explore. Among them are the planets Hoth, Tatooine, Alderaan, Nar Shaddaa, Dromund Kaas, Balmorra, Taris (Fallen Empire), Belsavis, Voss, Corellia and Ilum. Each of these planets has unique enemies that require different strategies to defeat.

Powerful weapons

There are many different types of weapons in the game. Melee, pistols, blasters, bombs, sniper rifles and silly strings are just some of the traditional weapons. You can also find powerful lightsabers, which are very popular among the Sith. Not only will you meet memorable characters, but you’ll also discover a large variety of weapons. Likewise, you can then customize your weapon with different parts, color crystals and more.

The gameplay of Star Wars TOR

The gameplay consists mainly of the story and the decisions you make in it. For example, will you join the Republic or the Empire? Will you spare a person’s life or take his soul? This game is the first and only fully synchronized MMO on the market. You can play with friends or talk to random players in your guild. There are many different emotes that you can use to communicate with other players- You can play this game without a subscription fee, but you will have to pay if you want to use the items in the cartel store

Your character’s story evolves as you travel through the galaxy. You’ll meet many memorable characters and discover new weapons, which you’ll be able to customize with different parts, colors, etc.

What characters are there in the game?

There are many NPCs in this game that can help you. You might be lucky enough to meet one of the eight companions that will be at your disposal during your adventure. Each companion has their own unique abilities that you can improve by gaining influence. They improve your strength, stealth, healing and much more.

It’s always good to have a friend by your side when you’re dealing with difficult opponents, so try to get as many companions as possible on your journey. Thus, some companions in the Star Wars game will help you collect credits or other items. In turn, other companions will fight by your side.

– Lana Beniko – This Twi’lek Sith Lord was once an advisor to Empress Acina on Dromund Kaas. Recently, she has been meddling in galactic affairs after they felt betrayed by Kaas.

– Koth Vortena- Join this former Republic soldier who has since joined the criminal underworld. He is a great pilot and enjoys traveling around in his personal spaceship, the Gravestone.

– T7-O1 – You may remember this droid from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It’s good to have friends from your past by your side as you continue your exploration of the galaxy.

– HK-55 – You may remember this assassin droid from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II. This companion can be very helpful when it comes to attacking enemies.

star wars the old republic credits (SWTOR)

What are the types of in-game currency?

There are two types of currency in the game SWTOR, in addition to credits. The first type is galactic credits. With them you can buy new items, ships and other useful things. The second type are cartel coins. They are used in the in-game store, where you can buy useful items.

Cartel Coins

Cartel coins are an important part of Star Wars The Old Republic. If you want to get your hands on some of these coins, you’ll have to buy them from other players. They have many benefits, such as speeding up your leveling up and letting you get the items you want much faster.


Galactic credits can only be earned in Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR). You can’t buy them directly in the Star Wars online store. You can use them to buy a fortress, for example, or powerful lightsabers in the auction house.

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