FC 24 – Football Club 24

In September 2023, it is finally time again, the game Football Club 24 comes out on PC and on all consoles. Football Club is a game series from the developer EA which was formerly known as “Fifa”.  It is a simulation of a soccer game. You can choose a team from over 7200 soccer clubs. Among these 7200 clubs, many smaller ones are also represented, such as from the Swedish or Mexican league. Since 2015, the Ultimate Team online mode has also been available. You can use the currency in FC24 to get better players in your team. So, if you want to get better at the game Football Club 24, then you are in good hands here on CoinLooting. In the next section, however, we will first clarify some questions about the new FC24 game.

Football Club 24

What’s new in FC 24 (Football Club)?

As in every new Football Club game, the graphics will be significantly improved in this version. The crowd will be sharper, and the grass will have more details. Also, there will be all the new players as well as new clubs in the game. There is also a rumor that FC 24 will finally offer a cross-play function. So, for example, Xbox and Playstation players can play against each other. This of course ensures that the waiting time for the Ultimate Team mode is significantly reduced. This also means that you can earn FC 24 currency faster.

We can also expect a World Cup mode in this part, where you can lead not only a men’s team, but also a women’s team to victory. This means that there will also be many female soccer players in Football Club. Certainly, this will please female soccer fans as well. There are also some new features in terms of technology. For example, with the help of the Hypermotion function, you can record the entire game through a stadium camera. This ensures that the animations in this recording look much smoother and more realistic. You can also cut impressive video montages from it. Content creators in particular should be happy about this function.

FC 24 Ultimate Team

What is FC Ultimate Team?

FC Ultimate Team, or FCUT for short, is an online mode in Football Club. You can create your own team from numerous players. To get new players for your team, you either have to exchange them for the currency in FC 24 or open packs. However, you can only open the packages for real money. The more games you win, the more coins you get. This is where your skill level pays off. There are also different leagues in the online mode. At the beginning you start with your team in a much weaker league. If you win a lot of games and can fight your way up, you can advance to the first league and compete against the absolute pros.

However, the Weekend League is particularly popular. As the name suggests, this takes place on a weekend. In this mode you can earn a lot of coins and packs. The more of these 30 games you win, the better the reward for you or you can just buy FC 24 coins. There are also different seasons. You can collect as many points as possible to get a reward at the end of the season. You lose your progress with the end of the respective Season. So, all players have the same chances at the beginning of each new season. So, every part of Football Club is also an important part of e-sports.

Football Club 24 (FC24)

Why do I need Coins & Points?

As already mentioned, Coins are a central element in Ultimate Team. These coins should not be mistaken for points. You need the coins to get new packs or to get new players on the transfer market. You can earn these coins through games, missions or special tasks. Unlike the points, you can’t buy them with real money. So, you will be rewarded for the time you invest. So, if you don’t want to spend several hours farming the currency in FC 24, you can simply use the service of CoinLooting. You can find all the other advantages and reasons why you should choose us in the next section.

What advantages are offered to you at CoinLooting?

Unlike many other sites, we have direct contact with our sellers. So, we know exactly how the coins were earned. For this reason, you don’t have to worry about the security of your account. We also test all delivery methods for their security beforehand. Also, we offer you a very cheap price and a great service. We are available at almost any time and always deliver the coins quickly. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to answer them in our live chat.


When will FC 24 finally come out?
FC 24 is scheduled for release this year (2023), probably between September and October. There is also good news for all Playstation owners. So if you own a Playstation, you can start playing a few days earlier.
Will it be free to play?
No, there are no changes to this point. As before, this game will be sold at full price.
Is cross-platform supposed to be possible?
Yes, this will be the first Football Club game that will allow cross-platform play. So, you can play on your Playstation with an Xbox player. Of course, this also ensures that you no longer have to wait so long for the player search.
Is my account secure?
The security of your account is one of the most important factors for us. Therefore, we also pay attention to how the currency were earned in FC 24. Thus, we can already guarantee security in this point.