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The developers of the new MMORP New World, have postponed the release to May 2021. This delay impacted the excitement of passionate gamers who wanted to get in and experience a whole new world. But the good news is, you can also sign up for the New World alpha testing program and play it before the masses do. This game is also a combination of combat, resource collection (New World Coin), and crafting, which give it an overall appealing look. If you love collection quests and hand-on battles, New World has the potential to become your favorite. Those who have already started their alphas test have mixed reviews about the gameplay and a few management techniques, which we’ll discuss in the following sections.

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About New World

New World is a sandbox MMORPG created by Amazon Game Studios, a division of the mammoth e-commerce site. The plot is based in a 17th-century New England, but the story will feature elements from both history and myth.

Every player starts off with a character which can be either male or female and one of three stock jobs: Soldier, Adventurer, or Pioneer. You start off in a cabin with an exact replica of the famous Deliverance poster. The point is to keep you on edge right from the beginning and let your imagination run wild as you explore through New World’s open world.

PvE and PvP in New World

New World offers two game modes. One is PvE (for casual players) and PvP, for hardcore players. For both PvE and PvP, it is useful if you already have Gold Coins for New World. This will help you get a better weapon or equipment.

Hundreds of settlers will arrive at the new territory and attempt to domesticate it, as the story unfolds. The gameplay involves trading with the natives and battling human enemies, which brings us to combat mechanics. New World uses a real-time combat system with basic controls and targeting options. There’s no slow-motion action but players can still deal some heavy damage while taking cover behind trees or rocks.

Combat-System in New World

New World is a combat plus resource collection game, which offers roleplay and multi-player fights. This game is set in the 17th Century North America. There you have the freedom to choose your avatar and the enemies you’d fight against. You’ll be fighting against the monsters who are the residents of that universe. To survive in the new world, one must collect and protect multiple resources like new world gold (coins), armor, and other survival tools. You can get these resources with the currency New World Coin.

You’ll compete against wildlife, the undead corrupted enemies, and a few supernatural forces as you progress. The new world was initially focused on survival, but the latest updates about leveling up, supernatural elements, and resource collection have made it more like a quest venture. With New World Coin you can get better equipment and gear for your character.  You choose your avatar, role in the team, and the duties you’ll perform. This freedom of choice has earned New World a lot of positive reviews from the testers.

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Resource management in New World (Coins & Gold)

When you land in Aeternum, the main fictional island in the game, you have to collect various essentialities to proceed and survive. Amazon has added a twist in this resource collecting phase by assigning a limited time to it.

If you spend too much time collecting new world gold or any other gear, your enemy will wipe you out. To avoid dealing with all of this yourself, you have the option of a boost in New World. Without much effort you can buy New World Level Boost and start right away. Also, the energy meter shows you the determines number of sword swings or hammer hits you’re allowed to do. Once your meter hits zero, you’ll have to recharge it with new resources. When a player loses his energy, he becomes a liability for the team; to avoid that, the teammates get an option to share their resources like all other MMORPGs.

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Roleplay and the World

Since the players have multiple roles to complete, you can select what you’d do, unlike survival-only games. Whether you want the big steel armor and stay in the front defense line or a leather gear with bow and arrow to cover up, it’s your call. The New world had designed the gamne to combine several game genres, and working as a team is one of them.

Crafting and Coin farming in New World

When you enter the new world, you have to collect, claim, and shelter the resources you gather. Clearing a territory from enemies and building a fort there is one of the main missions you’ll do. Building new localities, buildings, and safe points will claim your status in Aeternum. Your crafting skill will be put to the test when the corrupted forces attack your fort and try to claim it. If a fort falls, all the upgrades you have gathered inside are gone. Hence, New Game is all about teamwork, crafting skills, and timely decisions to stop the enemy.

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Factions in New World

There are three factions in New World, and each of them has a separate role to play. They are:


Members of this faction are fighting against the supernatural forces and other players who have turned into monsters. They are indeed powerful and they have a religious belief in the Aeternum, which was destroyed by the supernatural forces.


The members of this faction are in fact all about industrialization and industrial revolution. They fight for their industrial prowess and the industrial revolution that would win them fame in Aeternum.

The Marauder groups believe in survival and creating a place to live. They are the smartest faction because they use guerrilla warfare and attack other factions from behind.


The members of this faction basically believe in wealth and for that they prefer looting and raiding others. They also fight against the other two factions to keep the land under their control.

Syndicate groups also believe in survival and create a place to live, but they prefer raiding other players for resources.

In New World, you can play as a member from any of these factions (Boost), depending on what your team needs at that time. Teamwork is the key to reaching all three milestones: Wealth, Fame

Weapons and equipment in New World

The Weapons and equipment of New World are some of the finest, deadliest, and rarest in any game. The weapons also include:

  • Melee weapons
  • Firearm weapons
  • Crossbows

Each weapon has its own set of special abilities attached to it. You can also use these during the fight. These items can be acquired through different game modes like stopping enemies from raiding your villages, trading with the Marauders, and killing other players. Crafting is a big part of this game too. Weapon skill leveling can be very tiring, which is why we offer a boost for New World players for this purpose.

Weaponskill system in New World

The weaponskill system allows players to upgrade their weapon by using another weapon. For example, if you want your crossbow to shoot burning arrows (enemies take more damage on hit) or poison arrows (damages enemy over time), you’ll have to find a new crossbow and use it with the one you currently have.

Survival in New World

In the traditional survival games, you need to ensure food and energy to stay alive. In New World too, without these two things, you’ll lose your character forever when your health goes down to zero. These are some of the skills you can learn in New World: Hunting, Fishing, Survival, Gathering.

The Currency in New World

Coins and Gems are the two types of currencies in New World you can use to get anything in the game:

  • Coins: These coins can be earned by completing missions or using certain skills like crafting or farming. You’ll need these coins to build fortresses, upgrade fortifications and create new ones.
  • Gems: These gems can be earned by attacking other players and looting their fortress. They are a rare source of income; hence they can buy you better items in the game.

What does the player base think about New World?

The latest beta testers of New World have a lot to say about the game. According to them, the game is fun and even though it’s in beta, the quality of graphics and other features are very high. The controlling system of characters is easy to understand and use. It takes a little time before things get going, but once you get past that part, the game is addictive.


Altogether, is New World an excellent game that lets you play your character the way you want to. The experience of building something, fighting for it and defending it makes this game stand out in the list of survival games available online. If you’re looking for something new in this genre, don’t look any further.

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