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You like to play WoT and are looking for different boosts around the game World of Tanks? Then CoinLooting is the right place for you. We offer you an extensive boosting service for World of Tanks. But what exactly is World of Tanks and what makes it so special? These and other questions will be answered in this article.

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World of Tanks – the world famous tank MMO

The game WoT was released in 2010 and was programmed by the developer Wargaming. It is a unique MMO in which you, as a player, have to control a tank. The game is set in the first half of the 20th century. This game concept has never been seen before. Especially the large number of different tanks that you can unlock as a player are enormous. There are over 400 tanks from different countries waiting for you. There are also three different servers for World of Tanks. These include the EU server, the NA server and the ASIA server. The game is played all over the world and has fans all over the world. Because this game is also free-to-play, it attracts many different players who are not willing to spend a lot of money on games.

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And what about the gameplay?

In a battle, two different teams, each consisting of 15 tanks, fight against each other. There are very different tanks with different advantages and also abilities. Depending on which ones are chosen, the war strategy can be changed. In addition, the tanks of the different nations can also fight together. The goal of each battle is to capture the base or destroy all enemy tanks. Whichever team reaches this goal first has won the battle and emerges victorious. There are also numerous and varied maps. You can fight in a snowy mountain landscape or in a dry desert landscape. If the battle has not been decided within 15 minutes, the team with the most points wins. This way the rounds are kept relatively close. After the battle you get either gold, silver or bonds in WoT. With this you can buy better tanks or upgrade and improve your current ones.

What is the goal?

The goal of each player is to earn as many experience points as possible. This will unlock various new skills for the crew members and your tank will do more damage, be faster or withstand more damage. There are also over 400 different tanks that you can collect and also level up. Later in the game you can also participate in the rated battlefields and measure your skills. There, other players with a similar rating compete against you and your team. Here you can also use a World of Tanks Boosting Service or WoT Boost, if you can’t get any further after a certain rating. Or even WoT Win Boost. As a reward, valuable vehicles, gold, credits or other useful items await you here.

The various types of tanks

In WoT there are a total of six different types of tanks. All of them have special characteristics and also advantages on the battlefield. To unlock these tanks, you’ll have to complete various tasks in WoT or opt for a boost.

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Light Tank

  • The light tank is particularly fast on the move. This type of tank is used to scout the enemy. It is also easy to flank the enemy team with it. However, their armor protection is only very light. Therefore, they can be destroyed more easily. Their weapons are also very small compared to the other tanks. However, this must be so, because they do not want to lose their mobility.

Medium Tank

  • The medium tank is a good all-rounder. Due to its special characteristics, it can be used in many different situations. It can be used to quickly conquer bases and also defend them well. Unlike the light tanks, the medium tanks have better armor and also stronger guns. This makes them extremely useful in many situations.

Heavy Tank

  • The heavy tank is a large and slow tank. They have a particularly strong armor and therefore can withstand a lot of damage. They are especially good for defending bases. Because they are very heavy, fast maneuvers are not possible. So it is best to plan your strategy in advance. To unlock more very useful heavy tanks, we offer the World of Tanks Boosting Service.

Tank Destroyer

  • The tank destroyer has a very important task. It must destroy the heavy tanks. For this reason it is also called tank destroyers or TDs. They have a greater alpha damage than the heavy tanks and are also faster. For this reason, they are just perfect for destroying large and also heavy tanks.


  • The SPG support the team from a distance. They do a lot of damage in the process. Also, these tanks are very good for destroying heavy tanks.

Premium Tank

  • The premium tanks are special tanks that are very different from all others. All of these tanks have a premium status and can be bought either with gold or with real money in the store. This gold can either be earned by yourself or through a WoT Boost.