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Flyff Universe Penya

But what exactly is this game Flyff Universe and in what’s diffrent from the original title Fly for fun? This and other questions about the game, we will clarify in the following section.

What is Flyff Universe?

Flyff Universe is an MMORPG that was released on June 14, 2022. Unlike many other MMO’s, Flyff Universe doesn’t require you to download an installation client. You can enjoy the complete game experience through the browser. This also gives you the advantage of being able to play both on the mobile phone and on the PC (cross-platform). Probably most players still know Flyff from their childhood or youth. This is the perfect opportunity to check out Universe’s servers.

With its charming and timeless cartoon graphics, the free-to-play game will convince both young and old players. With the new graphics engine, you can experience the world of Fly for fun like you never could before. All textures have been reworked and look razor sharp. So even collecting penya or items in Flyff Universe is fun again.

What’s new or different about Fly for Fun Universe?

If you are not playing Flyff for the first time, you will immediately notice that some changes have been made in Universe. Basically, they are two completely independent games. So it’s not just a different server with different features. Besides the obvious like the graphics, for example, many UI elements like the taskbar or the party panel have been completely reworked. For example, you can now activate the visual effects of your attacks. In addition, the quest help has also been reworked. This makes it easier to find the missions. This allows you to collect more Penya and items in Flyff Universe and they give you a real boost.

But why do you ask yourself? Because this game has been on the market since 2004, the developers were able to gather a lot of feedback from the community. So Flyff Universe should contain the best of the original title with the desired changes from the community.

Flyff Universe Items

To motivate new players, there are regular events such as the Level Reach Event. Every 20 levels you get a reward that makes questing and grinding much easier. For example, starting at level 20 you get a roll that lets you run 50% faster for three minutes. This not only serves as motivation for new players, but existing players can also use this event perfectly to level up a second character.

New maximum Level of 120

Those who are familiar with Flyff on the PC know for sure that the maximum level is 190. In Universe, however, it looks quite different. Here you can reach a maximum level of 120. There is no Master-Hero system like in the other versions. However, you also need more time to level up in Universe.

Let’s start your journey in beautiful Flaris. This is the same as in the previous parts. It is the starting area for all classes. After that, you have the choice to visit the Mars Dungeon in the north or the Saint Morning area in the east, starting at level 21. If you are hunting for rare items or Penya in Flyff Universe, you should choose the Dungeon. From level 45 you can choose the Labyrinth the Iblis Temple or the green and open landscape of Rhisis. From level 50, you should then leave the islands and head to the west, where you will eventually reach level 120. Until level 50, you will always have two options per level area.

Balancing of Classes and Loot

The developers also focus especially on balancing. So patches should be released regularly at weekly intervals, which should quickly establish a better balance. This means both the skills (abilities) of a certain class, as well as items or the loot such as the number of Penya in the game Flyff Universe. There will generally be much less Penya in the game. Thus, it will also be interesting for you as a player if the characteristics of a class are constantly changing. So you will have to study and deal with it even more intensively. In general, “nerf’s” are mainly determined by the active community. So if the playerbase decides that your ability is too strong, it will be adjusted. So the balancing is very much dependent on the community.

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Why should I play Flyff Universe?

If you have played Flyff before or still do, you should give Universe a chance. It combines the best elements from all Flyff versions into one. Whether it’s the better user experience or the better blanacing, Flyff Universe is a good game and deserves at least a try. Moreover, the game is constantly being improved with the help of the community. This ensures that only desired changes are made to the game.

If you already play Flyff Universe and are looking for penya, items or even level boosts, then take a look around CoinLooting. We offer all this and much more for your favorite games.

FAQ Flyff Universe

Is Flyff Universe free to play?
Yes, the game is completely free to play. So you can fully level up to the maximum level of 120. All other content is also accessible for free. The game is financed by an in-game store and not by a monthly subscription or a season pass?
Which platforms can I play it on?
The new game Fly for fun Universe is playable on all browser-enabled devices. It is not a client-based game, but is played exclusively through the browser with HTML. This allows you to play on the go on your mobile phone as well as at home on your PC.
Is Flyff Universe Pay-to-Win?
There will also be an in-game store in this version of Flyff. There you can get cosmetic items as well as various consumables and enchantments for your equipment. You still won’t get Penya or other items like weapons from the ingame store of Flyff Universe. However, this store can give you enormous advantages. That’s why we claim that Fly for fun Universe is also pay-to-win.