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Buy FC 24 Coins now safely and also for cheap price

As in every other Football Club, you can buy coins in FC 24. You can either earn them yourself, which takes a long time, or you can simply buy the FC 24 coins. If you don’t have the time, then CoinLooting is the best choice for you. Here you can buy FC 24 Coins for all consoles PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo and PC cheap. But why should you choose us and what does the purchase bring you anyway? This and other information will be clarified in the next section.

Why should I buy Coins for FC 24 on PC, PS4, PS5 or Xbox?

If you play Football Club 24 or Ultimate Team mode, you know that coins are a very important part of the game. With them you can buy rare players like legends. The better your players are, the better your entire team is. There are serious differences between the players. For example, there are player cards that have much better stats than others. So it’s not enough just to be good, you also need the right team to get to the top. So we’ll help you with that, so you can finally build the team you want. This way you’ll be able to enjoy the game to the fullest and fight your way to the first league. So if you are a passionate FC 24 player, you should buy these coins on CoinLooting.

The advantage you have with CoinLooting

Unlike many other sellers, you can buy Football Club 24 (FC 24) Coins for all consoles like Xbox, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC without much effort. We usually deliver the coins in just a few minutes. The process is also very simple and self-explanatory. We offer you two different methods. However, we have left you more information about this under the tab “Procedure”. If you are looking for other services at a cheap price, then CoinLooting is the right site for you.

But what exactly is Ultimate Team in FC24?

Football Club Ultimate Team or better known as FCUT is a game mode in FC 24. You can build your own team from different player cards. You get these players from different packs, which you can open. In each pack there are different and random players. The packs can only be opened with FCUT Coins or FC 24 Coins. You can buy them for real money in the store or even play them. If you decide to earn these coins, you will need a lot of patience and time. Since this process is very long and also exhausting, most players decide to simply buy these FC 24 Coins. You can do this easily on CoinLooting. This will save you time and you will be able to start your FUT matches with a great team.


Trade via Player Auction

  1. Choose the amount of credits you want to buy.
  2. After you place your order, we will start the transfer.
  3. The transfer will take place exclusively through the player auction. We will tell you which player to put in the auction for how many credits.
  4. After that you will receive your desired amount of credits.

Trade via Comfort-Trade

  1. Here we need your Account-Details.
  2. Then the coins will be transferred directly to your account. You don’t have to do anything else.
  3. Finally, you can log back in normally and continue playing.

We consider both delivery methods to be extremely safe. You don’t have to worry about that. At the end it’ s up to you which delivery method you decide to use to buy FC 24 Coins. For all further questions about buying FCUT 24 coins, we are at your disposal via live chat.


Before you can buy FC 24 Coins, you should meet the following requirements.

  • You must have 1.300 Coins in your account to buy and sell players.
  • The Transfer Market in the WebApp must be unlocked.


What are FC Coins and how can I buy them?
FC Coins or FCUT (Football Club Ultimate Team) Coins are an own currency in the game FC. With these FCUT Coins you can buy different players on the market. You can also get these players from packs.
Where is the best place to buy FC 24 Coins?
At CoinLooting you can buy FC 24 Coins easily, quickly and also safely. All our coins are earned by hand. So the safety of your account is always given. We also offer different delivery methods, which makes trading coins and tokens very easy. Besides, you can always buy these coins for FC 24 at the best price.
What can I do with FC Coins?
Coins are the main currency in Football Club. Besides different players on the transfer market, you can also buy the packs directly with them. These packs can also contain various legendary players that cost a lot on the transfer market.
How to get FC 24 Coins?
There are several ways to earn the coins in Football Club. These include winning matches in FCUT mode or participating in events. Especially good are the Division Rivals and Squad Battles. In these two modes, the rewards are especially high. Your skill is also crucial. The better you play, the higher the reward. The easiest way to get coins in FC 24 is to buy them.