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PSO 2 Meseta

Currencies used in Phantasy Star Online 2

If you have two or more characters in active use, then it might be a challenge for you to stock up on currency in Phantasy Star Online 2. If you don’t have patience and you can’t wait to get a certain amount of currency, you should buy PSO2 currency with real money.

Three different types of currency are used in Phantasy Star Online 2 about which you should know.

  • Meseta
  • Arcs Cash
  • FUN

If you have enough knowledge about these currencies, it will not only help you know which weapons or items to buy with each type of currency.

It will also prevent you from making any hasty or wrong decisions when you are buying them.

Now we will also discuss these currencies separately.

Arcs Cash

Arcs Cash is a premium currency of Phantasy Star Online 2’s. To acquire this currency, you must use your real money, and it’s the currency you need to spend.

No advantage is given to the player but getting Arcs Cash has some perks to it ultimately. You can access additional customization features for your character by using Arch cash. You can also use Arch cash to change your character’s look if you are not satisfied with the previous one.

In PSO2, you can easily swap between a maximum of three characters. It can also be used to create and maintain more than one-character slot.

Sega publisher of this game has been doing a great job. Sega is trying to implement Arcs Cash without hindering players that don’t use them.

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You will get the idea of what FUN is by merely playing this game you will get to know that FUN is like a point system type of currency.

Here are some ways to get FUN points:

  • You automatically get FUN points by logging in!
  • Another way to collect FUN points is if you have a friend that uses your character as an AI support in one of their quests, you will get points in return.
  • You can also acquire FUN points by spending some Arch Cash the premium currency about which we just talked above.
  • Earn some FUN points by complimenting or encouraging other players by liking their social networks in the game.

You can buy unique items by using FUN points such as music that you play in My Room (it’s your in-game house), pins, and all sorts of knick-knacks accessories such as different hairstyles can also be purchased with FUN points if you want to make your character more personalized.

About the Game PSO2

Phantasy Star Online 2, the game which is also known as PSO2, was first released for windows in Japan in July 2012, and this game is now finally released the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows version on April 14, 2020. May 27, 2020, developed and published by Sega.

It is a free online multiplayer action role-playing game. PSO2 isn’t like other MMOs available in the market. It is a role-playing action game, and it leans towards an extremely peppy tone and colorful. Rather than traditional fantasy fare, it’s positioned as an innovative take on role-playing tropes. A diverse selection of weapon types and play styles for the player to choose from is available in the game. This game is created as a successor to Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe. At the beginning of the game total, nine classes are available from which players can select; each Class has a unique weapon and stat spreads. And when the players meet specific requirements, three more “Successor Classes” can also be unlocked.

If you want to change the Class, you can change it in the game’s lobby; statistics and levels earned with a specific Class are not dependent on progress made with other Classes on the same character.

Key Features of Phantasy Star Online 2:

Central Lobby

Interact with other players accept missions, and shop, from the central deck of the ARK camp ship.

Switch Classes

Phantasy online offers you, nine different game classes. In all the classes, you can choose from three weapon slots, and players can switch freely between these weapons slots. You can switch between one to nine classes. You can change your Class from the lobby, leveling with each Class, and earning experience separately.

Extensive, Un Paralleled and ultimate Character Creation and customization

Phantasy star online 2 offers you the most powerful character creators. You can choose from four different races and completely customize your game’s character, creating a unique and different player that stands out from other players.

It also offers an expanding catalog of layered outfits to mix and match for countless possibilities and expandable accessories. The only limit here is the extent of your imagination.

Fight for your life.

Be a skillful warrior, and fight for your life.

Active Combat

You can engage yourself in fast-paced combat your control, and by timing your abilities, you can execute awesome combinations.

Voice Acting

In phantasy star online every NPC is voice-acted nearly, which adds a deep level of immersion.

Action RPG combat

Phantasy star online has Action role-playing video games to emphasize real-time combat where the player has direct control over the characters instead of turning or menu-based combat while still focusing on character’s Stats to determine relative strength and abilities.

Objective-focused smaller mission zones

This game is much more objective-focused with smaller mission zones rather than consisting of large and explorable zones, open-world format, or sandbox gameplay.

System Requirements for Phantasy star online 2:

Phantasy star online 2 is available on different platforms

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation Vita version,
  • PlayStation 4 version,
  • Nintendo Switch versions open to the air

Your device must meet all the minimum requirements to open this product Phantasy star online 2

Operating System:

To open phantasy star online, you will need an operating system with Windows 10 version 18362.0 or higher in your PC, Xbox One.


You will need a minimum of x64 bit architecture.


Minimum 2 GB of RAM is required to play this game.

Mouse and Keyboard:

You will need an Integrated Keyboard and mouse for playing this game.

Video Memory:

Minimum 1 GB memory is required.


Version 9 of direct X is needed.


A minimum processer of Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 is required.


NVIDIA GeForce 7800GT AMD RADEON HD2900XT Recommended

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