Lost Ark EU & NA Gold and Boost – Everything you need to know about it

It is finally time for a new game and we will provide you with the Gold and Boost in Lost Ark for all EU & NA Server. It’s been nearly three years since Lost Ark was released in South Korea and several other markets. Soon, gamers from both the EU and NA regions will be able to enjoy this gorgeous MMORPG. It has been a rocky road for Lost Ark’s release in western territories, but now that Amazon has taken up publishing rights, we’re a mere few months away from launch. Here will CoinLooting support you on your own journey in Lost Ark with Gold and Boost’s.

Here’s everything you need to know about the game.

Lost Ark Gold

What is Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is a top-down isometric action MMORPG. It combines the spectacular, over-the-top action of ARPGs like Diablo with the depth of exploration and socialization of massively multiplayer RPGs. All of that wrapped in a wrapper of stunning visuals reminiscent of other Korean RPGs like Black Desert.

Who is the Developer?

Tripod Studios and Smilegate RPG are the developers behind Lost Ark. Smilegate’s main company took on publishing rights for South Korea and other Asian regions. Smilegate’s main company took over the publishing rights for South Korea and other Asian regions. Amazon Game Studios will be the publisher of Lost Ark EU and NA.

How Does Lost Ark Play?

Besides its beautiful graphics and art style, Lost Ark is an action RPG filled with fast-paced gameplay. The best comparison is titles like Diablo 3, Path of Exile, and Grim Dawn. The game’s combat emphasizes taking on hordes of enemies by chaining abilities and taking them all out in one go.

Because it’s an MMORPG, there’s a lot of content where players have to team up to take out big bosses hiding in dungeons (e.g. Chaos Dungeon). There, for example, you can get various gems that will strengthen your character. These instances are playable in Normal, Hard, and Chaos modes. The first two can be completed either solo or in a group, while Chaos versions will be a big part of Lost Ark’s endgame group content. But you can also conquer dungeons with many different floors and waves of monsters, as in the Tower of Shadows.

One of Lost Ark’s unique features is sailing. You’ll be able to set sail on your own boat to explore the world and discover new content. This is where you’ll also find a lot of randomized content, such as islands and dungeons. According to Lost Ark EU and NA’s official website, there’ll be seven continents to discover, each with its own set of unique creatures and dangers. You can also expect numerous professions that you can learn and practice. For this, we offer you the possibility of a profession boost for Lost Ark.

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What Classes Can I Play in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark EU and NA will launch with five classes, but don’t let this small number fool you. Each class can progress to one of 2-4 advanced classes, each with its distinct playstyle.


Warriors in Lost Ark are described as the big burly fighters that emphasize strength over mobility. However, this class is very difficult to level up. Here, a level boost for Lost Ark is a good idea. Warrior players can choose between the following advanced classes:

  • Berserker – Big melee damage, potent defense, and a powered-up mode that unlocks their full potential.
  • Paladin – Balance between offense and defense, can support with buffs and spells or fight up-close.
  • Gunlancer – Tanky class that emphasizes defense and protection through their shield and stances.

Martial Artist

Martial Artists are incredibly mobile with a powerful mix of high-impact attacks and nimble escape options. The Martial Artists can choose between the following advanced classes:

  • Striker – Speed and quick attacks are what this class is all about including spectacular air combos.
  • Wardancer – Up-close melee combat that’s infused with elemental power while also having access to high-flying mobility.
  • Scrapper – A balanced fighter that uses two forms of energy to unleash devastating damage and unbreakable fortitude.
  • Soulfist – Dances between melee and ranged combat by channeling a unique energy type.


From bows to massive artillery cannons, Gunners are all about ranged attacks that bring the pain from afar. He is very fast and wears light armor. The gunner is especially good for farming gold or silver in Lost Ark. Gunners can choose between the following advanced classes:

  • Gunslinger – Switches between multiple guns depending on the situation and has incredible mobility.
  • Artillerist – Sacrifices mobility for potent damage with their massive guns and can withstand damage.
  • Deadeye – Wields a handgun, shotgun, and rifle and uses mobility to fly in the face of danger, unleashing devastating damage.
  • Sharpshooter – Bow users that make use of arrows with different effects for each situation, and also have high survivability.


Mages do what it says on the tin. They’re spellcasters that specialize in ranged abilities that can damage foes and support allies. Mages can choose between the following advanced classes:

  • Bard – Play songs during battle that heal the wounded and deliver tremendous amounts of damage to enemies.
  • Summoner – Command a variety of elemental spirits that fight for them with their unique skills.


Assassins make use of their dark powers to sneak up from the shadows to bring death upon their enemies. Assassins can choose between the following advanced classes:

  • Shadowhunter – Take on demonic forms to unleash devastating attacks through darkness-infused abilities.
  • Deathblade – Equipped with three swords to unleash big combos that can take out multiple enemies at once.

PvE in Lost Ark

For PvE players, Lost Ark offers a lot of variety. You can play dungeons and raids (e.g. Guardian Raid) alone or with friends.

Unlike in many other MMOs, in Lost Ark you can complete the dungeons alone, like Cube Dungeons or in a group. There are also two different difficulty levels. The easiest is “Normal” and the most difficult are the “chaos dungeons”. Likewise, the difficulty scales with the number of players. In the Chaos Dungeons you also get better weapons and equipment than in the Normal Dungeons.

You get access to the raids at level 60, which is the final content of Lost Ark. Unlike the dungeons (with the exception of Abyss Dungeon), you can’t do the raids alone. Here you have to get together with a group. To sign up for these raids, you simply have to go to a bulletin board in one of the main cities. However, you need a certain gear score first. This is where our item level boost for Lost Ark could be helpful. In the raids in Lost Ark you can expect rewards such as gold, silver or even rare equipment and weapons.

Lost Ark Gold EU Server

When is Lost Ark EU & NA Launching?

Lost Ark’s release in EU and NA has been recently delayed. Despite initially planned for a fall 2021 release, the game has been pushed back to an early 2022 window by Amazon Games Studio. In February 2022, Lost Ark will be released for the European and US market.

Will There Be a Beta for Lost Ark EU & NA?

The good news is that Lost Ark will be launching a short closed beta for EU and NA. This sneak peek will take place November 4-9, 2021. There are two ways to gain access to the test if you’re itching to play Lost Ark as soon as possible.

The first way is to apply on the game’s official website. While anyone within the EU and NA region can sign up for the beta test this way, there’s no guarantee they’ll get in.

If you want guaranteed access to the Lost Ark closed beta, you’ll need to purchase one of the game’s Founder’s Packs. Each pack contains a series of rewards, including pets, special Founder’s titles, supply crates, premium currency, and a whole lot more. Of course, every pack comes with guaranteed access to Lost Ark EU and NA closed beta.

Delayed or not, Lost Ark is an incredible game worth waiting for, and it’s not too long until we can get our hands on it. Like with most MMORPGs, Lost Ark will have its in-game gold that you’ll need to acquire in copious amounts to stay ahead of the game. If you don’t want to grind for Lost Ark gold instead of focusing on the fun, you can use our currency buying services and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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Lost Ark  FAQ

What is the maximum level in Lost Ark
The maximum level in Lost Ark is currently limited to level 60. However, this can be adjusted in the upcoming expansions. Leveling up from level 1 to the maximum level 60 takes about 24 hours. A level boost is also available for Lost Ark. So you can enjoy the end content without the annoying leveling. From level 60 your character gets access to many raids, dungeons and PvP battles.
What currencies are available in Lost Ark?
In Lost Ark you can collect nine different currencies. All of them have their own use.

  • Silver
    You can get the silver in Lost Ark by completing quests or monsters. With it you can repair your Armor or buy new ones from the merchant. You can also exchange the silver for crafting materials. Thus, the silver is very important.
  • Gold
    The gold is often used for trading in Lost Ark. It can be used to buy rare equipment and weapons in the auction house. The gold can also be farmed only through dungeons and raids.
  • Resurrection Feathers
    The Resurrection Feather is a very important item in Lost Ark. With it, you can resurrect your character on the spot after a death. This will save you a lot of time and you can easily continue in the game.
  • Peons
    Just like gold, peons can also be spent in the auction house. However, the peons can only be purchased with real money in the Lost Ark Shop. They cannot be earned in the game.
  • Blue Crystals
    Blue Crystals are the currency for the in-game store in Lost Ark. They allow you to unlock cosmetic content for your character, such as mounts or pets. You can get these crystals through events and quests or buy them with real money.
  • Rift Shards
    With the Rift Shards you can get map boxes in Lost Ark.
  • Pirate and Voyage Coins
    You can get these coins from pirates. You can only exchange them with pirates for various useful items such as crafting materials.
  • Shards
    These are shards that are bound to your character. You can use them to upgrade various items.
  • Courage-Tokens
    These are the PvP rewards. These coins can be exchanged for mounts or even titles.

There are other not so important currencies in Lost Ark that we have not listed.

How much does Lost Ark cost?
Lost Ark is completely free to play. Thus, there are no additional costs for you if you want to play the game. However, you can buy different currency or cosmetic items for Lost Ark in the ingame store. In addition, the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages will be available for Lost Ark at release. These contain e.g. different mounts, pets, a pre-access and much more. You can buy these packages directly at Amazon.