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Credits Rocket League

The game Rocket League

The game Rocket League was developed by the game developer Psyonix. It is a combination of car racing and soccer. Two different teams meet in the game and play against each other in a futuristic arena. Each player can customize their vehicle in different ways. Rocket League is a sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket- Powered Battle- Cars (known as SARPBC), which was developed by the same developers.

In summary, the game is a strong mix of arcade soccer and vehicle chaos with easy-to-use controls. It is also possible to compete with other players in a competition. In doing so, the goal is to unlock more credits, blueprints or vehicles in Rocket League. Furthermore, it is possible to play the offline season mode against AI opponents.

Rocket League Credits

The future of sports is here, and it combines fun racing with fast-paced soccer play. Meet Rocket League, the arena game of tomorrow. Which combines the various competitive drives of scoring points and driving fast together in one perfect package and has taken the world by storm. Rocket League is reminiscent of the classic arcade games of yesteryear. At the same time, its character drives a global fan community of fantastic players that puts it at the top of the world in terms of reach and popularity.

With fast and crisp 3D graphics, as well as super sound and audio effects, Rocket League puts players behind the wheel of a rocket-powered car. Which can shoot a big ball across the field to other teammates, or through a goal to score a point.

Further information

Think of it like car scooters with rockets and a big soccer ball to get an idea of the action here. There are also elements of kart racing like speed thrusts and the use of momentum. This involves overcoming advantages that opponents may have over you.

Cars can hit the ball in mid-air to prevent it from flying into the goal. Below that, even build up momentum to hit other cars and destroy them. The latter element of a destruction derby makes games in Rocket League especially unpredictable – and also super fun. These derbies give you Rocket League credits as a reward.

The games are also extremely fast, and the clock runs out quickly. For just five minutes, players battle each other for victory in a semi-tactical showdown. Which can only be described as semi-tactical free-for-all. So, you can also play a round in between. Developing a rhythm within their team, as well as learning the mechanics of the game. Likewise, how you hit the ball (and also other players) often decides between winners and losers in games.

The arcade experience, without smoke and dingy booths, Rocket League, is the bridge between the games of yesterday and the competitive, eSports-oriented market of today.

Lucky Lanterns

Psyonix presents a new event for Rocket League. This event is called Lucky Lanterns and will start on January 20, 2020. As normal for Rocket League events, Rocket League players will again receive rewards during the Lucky Lanterns event. Which can be used as rewards for various skins. This event is about red colored envelopes, which can be exchanged up to three days after the end of the event. After that, they disappear from the player’s inventory.

Rocket League RL Credits

Various Seasons in RL

In Rocket League there are also different seasons, which always alternate. In each season there are new cars and also parts for the cars. These can only be earned in the current season and are no longer available afterwards. With the Rocket Pass and the Rocket Pass Premium, you also get even more vehicles. You can buy this Rocket Pass with your Rocket League credits. So, you don’t necessarily have to spend real money to play the game. In each new season, there is also a new theme and vehicles that are adapted to it.

Credits in Rocket League

The credits can be earned by yourself or bought for real money in the store. After each round you win, you get a certain number of credits as a reward. You can use them to buy new Blueprints or other useful items from the store. You can also buy the Premium Rocket Pass to unlock even more vehicles. Since Rocket League is a free-to-play game, this is how the game is financed. Another currency in Rocket League are the keys. These can also be exchanged for credits or used to open crates. You can also get very rare items from these crates.

So, if you want to try out Rocket League for yourself, you are welcome to do so. Since September 23, 2020, the game is now completely free and therefore also free to play. If you want to unlock new vehicles or other items directly for each new season, you can simply buy Rocket League Credits on CoinLooting.

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