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wow classic gold Season of Mastery (SoM)

The story of World of Warcraft

The world as it once was is still torn apart by a conflict.  This ancient conflict is seemingly older than time itself. Welcome to Azeroth, before the ravages of the Cataclysm, the march of the Legion, or the reign of the Lich King. World of Warcraft Classic is a promise to players. To those who once started the world’s leading MMORPG, to show them that the past was as glorious as they imagined.

But it’s also a real challenge for players. Due to the fact that in World of Warcraft Classic there are none of the conveniences that modern WoW players are used to. So be ready to experience a masterpiece of the game maker Blizzard. A huge fantasy world full of adventures and challenges to master is awaiting for you. With these challenges, the WoW Classic Gold is almost essential.

WoW Classic Boost & Gold

About Classic WoW

Since August 27, 2019, all vanilla WoW fans can access the new WoW Classic servers. In addition, they can experience the world of Azeroth from 2004 again. WoW Classic or “Vanilla” is the first version of World of Warcraft that started it all. Before expansions like The Burnings Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King were released, there was Classic. By the way, World of Warcraft Classic is still the very first choice for many fans. Blizzard is bringing back Vanilla with Classic. Including all the difficulties, mechanics and old raids like Onyxia, Molten Core, Ahn’Quiraj and Naxxramas. Getting powerful and epic items is just as difficult as it was in 2004. With the Classic Season of Mastery, new servers will be released into WoW. More about this in the next section.

wow classic boost Season of mastery (SoM)

Classic Season of Mastery

On November 16, 2021, the Season of Mastery will finally be released for WoW Classic. These are “fresh” servers. However, the new servers will come with numerous changes. For example, the world buffs will be removed from the game. They made the raids much too easy. In addition, the XP rate has been adjusted. Thus, the leveling speed will be similar to that in TBC. Another important change will be that the raids will be made more difficult in general. The mobs will have significantly more life than before. Thus, Blizzard is also finally moving away from the “no changes” movement and dares to take the right step into the New. In any case, we welcome these changes and are already looking forward to the new Classic Season of Mastery servers.

WoW Classic vs. Retail

The difference between retail World of Warcraft and Classic World of Warcraft couldn’t be greater. In Classic, a player spends a lot of time leveling up and collecting gold for better items. But that’s not all. It’s also difficult to meaningfully train professions, collect honor, or even maximize simple weapon skills. In retail, on the other hand, everything is designed for speed. This is especially noticeable by the fact that you can buy a level boost directly from Blizzard. Also by the fast farming of equipment. In general, farming all sorts of items is much faster here compared to Classic. But don’t worry about that ! Here at CoinLooting you can easily buy WoW Calssic Gold. You can also use our WoW Classic Boost service for the new Season of Mastery (SoM) Server.

WoW Boosting Service und Gold for Classic (Vanilla)

Is everything just like Classic from 2004?

The following changes were made to the 2019 WoW Classic version.

Selection of the character:

You can create your own characters. Only the classes that appeared before the expansions like WOTLK etc. are available for selection. Thus, the following classes are playable.

  • Druide
  • Warlock
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Paladin (only for Alliance)
  • Priest
  • Shaman (only for Horde)
  • Rogue

Automatic loot of gold and items in Classic:

Is a very facilitating function that did not exist at the time! Thus, the gold or even equipment can be looted quite easily in classic wow.  Hardly imaginable for a player in the of today.

Compare items:

This feature was only available in The Burning Crusade. Now you can easily compare items in Classic with the click of a button. However, this is not possible in WoW classic. So you have to memorize or write down the stats of each item.

Voice chat:

This function was taken over by the mainstream and did not exist at that time. So people still meet in TeamSpeak (TS) or in Discord. Especially for the raids in Classic WoW, the voice chat is extremely important.


You don’t have to log out of the game, as you once had to do to activate your add-ons. This feature is available in-game in WoW Classic. Furthermore, many add-ons such as Deadly Boss mods are not as extensive as in the current WoW.

Move UI:

In WoW Classic you can move your user interface without additional add-ons. This way you can arrange your attacks.

Modern menu:

WoW Classic comes with the “old” menu. This is a bit overloaded compared to the current menu.

Cooldowns and Spells:

You can only display the cooldowns of buffs in Classic with the help of an addon. In Retail, on the other hand, you can activate this through a setting. You don’t need addons for this purpose anymore. There is also a “Global Cooldown” in Classic. This makes the game feel a bit slower in Vanilla.

wow classic gold

Oldschool feelings due to WoW

Classic offers players a wealth of old-school content. This includes the classic raids, the old talent tree, and the way Azeroth was before everything got so complicated. But be warned: this game is not for the faint of heart. The raids, for example, require level 60 players – no easy task for WoW Classic. This is where the WoW Classic Gold can come in handy.

It is particularly challenging: from leveling up to buy the WoW Calssic Gold. Also, you need to pay attention to your new talent bar. This game will not give you a hand. You’ll have to make your own way through the vast, war-torn lands of Classic.

What changes can players of today’s World of Warcraft mainline expect? Even if they have never played vanilla WoW? Everything is different and at the same time nothing has changed. The selection of races is much smaller, as well as the number of classes offered. However, it doesn’t matter how many changes are expected in the mainline. Here at CoinLooting you can buy WoW Classic Gold safely and easily at any time for the Season of Mastery (SoM).

Leveln und Quests

Moreover, there will be no help in the form of instructions. So you won’t be informed about where, when and how a quest takes place. Unless you get the addons like Questie or other helpful addons that show you the quests exactly.

There is a general feeling of openness in the world, but it is also full of dangers. Leveling is a marathon and not a sprint either. Quests, dungeons, raids, crafting, and every other aspect of the game becomes an essential part of it. The right choice of class is also very crucial. For example, warriors and paladins level very slowly and are also very difficult to get to level 60. However, this pays off once you reach the maximum level 60. Other classes like the hunter or warlock are very easy to level up. So for beginners, one of these classes is recommended. These and other listed aspects have to be mastered in WoW Classic.

So you like to play WoW Classic and need gold or a level boost? Then we are exactly the right people for you. Just convince yourself.

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