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Buy cheap WoW Classic ERA Gold on all Serves

You still farm the gold for potions, buff food, falsk or other useful items every day? And you don’t want to do it anymore? Don’t you want to finally enjoy the game? Then pay attention now, here at CoinLooting you can easily buy WoW Classic ERA Gold. So you can experience the game from a completely different side. Don’t worry about the gold anymore, we offer you a low prices and a very fast delivery. Convince yourself of our service right now. Enjoy the game World of Warcraft the way you should.

Buying WoW Classic ERA Gold has never been easier on Server like Firemaw! In just a few minutes you have already placed an order and the gold is already on its way to you. The gold will be shipped as soon as we receive your payment. As a rule, we always send the gold by mail. This is the easiest and safest way to send gold in Classic WoW. To keep you up to date, we will send you an e-mail as soon as the gold has been sent. This way you will always know about the status of your order.

What our customers can expect from us

  • Fast and reliable delivery of gold in WoW Classic
  • Only safely farmed gold (we do not use bots)
  • The fastest delivery method directly by mail to your mailbox
  • Alternative delivery methods such as via the auction house
  • Premium customer support with 24/7 availability
  • The best prices for the best service

What do I need the gold for in World of Warcraft Classic?

The gold also plays an important role in World of Wacraft. It indirectly determines how fast you get to level 60, for example, or how much damage you deal. Have you already reached level 40 and can afford a mount? Then the questing will go much faster from then on. Do you also have enough gold for the potions and buff food? Then you will be able to deal more damage. So every player needs gold. But the crucial question is, do you earn it yourself or do you just buy it? This decision is up to everyone. For all those who decide to take the easy way, we have a good offer. Here at CoinLooting you can buy WoW Classic ERA Gold cheaply and safely on Servers like Firemaw.

Are you interested in WoW Classic Boost or other services for the game? Then you are at the right place. If you have any further questions, please contact us directly via the live chat function or by e-mail. We are at your disposal for any question.

How to buy Gold

Choose the right amount of Gold

First of all, choose the amount of WoW Classic Gold you want to buy. We have many employees on all servers who earn the gold. Therefore we can deliver almost unlimited amounts of gold. Afterwards, select your region and the right server on which your character is on.

Delivery Method

Now enter the name of your character in the correct field and choose the shipping method that suits you. If you have chosen the method “Auction house”, you have to enter the name and the number of items you have placed in the auction house. If you choose the “Mail” shipping method, the gold will be sent to you directly by in-game mail. The gold will be in your mail after exactly one hour.


If you have successfully placed an order, we will prepare your order. You don’t have to do anything except for waiting to receive your gold. We always do our best to send the gold as soon as possible. We usually ship the gold within 24 hours. So you can relax and we will take care of it.


Here at CoinLooting we offer you the best service around gaming. We provide you with a unique gaming experience full of enjoyment. Do you have any questions about buying WoW Classic ERA or Hardcore Gold? Then simply contact us via the live support.


Can I also buy the WoW Classic Gold for the new Hardcore Server?

Yes, this is also possible. We offer gold not only for the WoW Classic servers, but also for the whole new WoW Classic Season of Mastery (SoF) to buy. Is your server not listed? Just send us a short message via Live Chat with your server name. We will then promptly add it. This way you can buy your gold on your WoW Classic Season of Mastery server.

What do I need the gold for?

Gold plays a very important role in WoW Classic. You need it for your first mount, to learn new spells or attacks, or for items. In short, gold is necessary to advance in the game. Not everyone wants to farm gold in their free time. For this reason, you can buy WoW Classic Gold at CoinLooting.

Can I be banned for buying WoW Classic Gold?

There is always a certain chance of getting banned. However, the chance is very small, because we pay attention to how the gold is farmed. However, if it should come to a ban, then your account will remain banned for a maximum of three days. According to the ToS of Blizzard, there are penalties of up to three days. Whether you want to take this small risk is up to you. For your information, our ban rate is less than 1%. Therefore, we can also claim that our customers can feel safe. So if you want to buy WoW Classic Gold, you must always be aware of the low risk.

What delivery methods do you offer?

Currently we offer the delivery method mail and auction house.

  • Mail:
    Is the preferred delivery method. We estimate the risk here as extremely low. After sending the gold, it will be in your mailbox in an hour.
  • Auction House:
    Here you put a rare item in the auction house. After that, we will buy the item from the auction house. Please also note that there will be fees at the auction house that we will not cover.

Which delivery method you choose is up to you. However, all the methods we offer are secure.

How do you farm the gold?

The safety of our customers is very important to us. For this reason, we rely exclusively on farming by hand. So we do not use any third party software to get the gold. Due to our huge network of employees, we can also offer the gold on all servers. We have very high standards for our employees and we also test them regularly. For this reason, we are one of very few service providers who attach importance to the quality of the gold in Classic.

Where can i buy wow classic gold?

If you want to buy gold for WoW Classic, then you are at the right place. We at CoinLooting offer you an all-round service. Our service is different from our competitors because of our hand farmed gold and our very fast delivery. We also offer 24/7 customer support to all our customers. So if you want to buy cheap wow classic gold, then is the right place for you.